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Thread: Tips for BFF rainbow draft?

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    Tips for BFF rainbow draft?

    Does anyone have tips for BFF rainbow draft? I looked around and couldn't find much on D&D draft.


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    Dragons dragons and more dragons. Specifically, the cheapest copper green and blue you can find. The ones in the starters are especially scarce in the draft format by definition so grab those (e.g. Blue) when you see them. The other critical piece is half dragon. They are all good for this team but the one that makes dragons cheaper to buy is the one you really want. You have flexibility for the rest of your team. There are good, more expensive dragons (dracolich, red) but I found that I rarely got them out in the field. I would instead look for things that will give you ramp, like swarm--kobold, Orc, stirge. They will increase your energy base and also provide good defense (and maybe some offense). The goal is to stall long enough to get three different dragons out so you can swing with them all at the same time and activate their breath weapons simultaneously. You can't trigger two breath weapons for two blue dragon dice but you can trigger two breath weapons if one is a blue dragon and the other is a red. Lastly, you will likely want to bring the resurrection and cone of cold basic actions assuming you are playing only in set for basic actions. The extra ramp to get a five cost and the removal is key for this team.

    I won't say this is the best strategy ever, but I played a lot of d&d drafts and I literally never lost an event--which is certainly not something that is true for other sets for me!

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    Do not underestimate the effectiveness of Magic Missile. Using the Red Dragon, they can be bought cheap early. Then using the common Elf Wizard, they can be moved to the prep area regularly. D&D tends to be a much slower set than others, so it is possible to blast someone down fairly quickly.

    It requires Swarm to ramp, but in the last draft we did the winner used the common Frost Giant. He would ramp up to get two of them, and once they were both out they would tend to stomp the opponent.

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