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Thread: Cant Find Card List to Post Images

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    Cant Find Card List to Post Images

    Ive looked on the website and I cant find the list for card images for the strategy/deck building forum. The only one Ive found is the AVX list. Nothing for the other sets. Can anyone point me out where to look or just a link.

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    I think you mean the colon code indecies.

    Just type : avxindex : with no spaces between the colons and you will get

    The same goes for other sets:

    uxmindex ygoindex bffindex julindex

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    It's just the card numbers so in the meantime if you just reference a site or the checklist you can use that. #1 in JUL is Batman, and so is jul1

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonVile View Post
    julindex doesn't currently work.
    Yeah, it's on my todo list. If anyone wants to hit the easy button for me, typing up the Justice League equivalent of the AvX text above, I'd get to adding it quicker and be be appropriately appreciative.

    The Justice League numbering mess just threw off my rythmn this time I guess.

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