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Thread: Rainbow draft?

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    The chances of drawing two if the same dice are extremely low. You would basically be stuck with 8 dice.

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    If you are going to do two sets, I might suggest limiting it some how. Perhaps an all X-men draft, or all commons. The draft format can get bogged down by too much diversity.

    If you are going to do the 2 different set rule, perhaps try hybrid drafting with 4 packs of one set and 4 packs of another.

    (Hybrid has each player bring 4 cards and then draft 4 more from a a set amount of packs)

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    I was thinking about doing a rainbow draft by just randomly selecting cards from the entire card pool (AVX, UXM, DC)...but I imagine there would be some issues?

    Would love to do a proper draft with boosters but they are incredibly hard to come by here...

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