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Thread: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters

    Wizkids has announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is coming to Dice Masters (and Hero Clix).

    Good for all you TMNJ fans. For me, this is only slightly better than YGO. That said, at the end of the day, more Dice Masters is great.

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    I just came here to post this :-P

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    I just saw thins and rolled over here to post. This will bring back some childhood memories. Hopefully we will get a host of Foot Villains with this set. Pretty Stoked.

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    Spoilers: it's based off the Michael Bay movie.

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    Set to release "later this year"...?...!

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    coming "later this year". Where will they squeeze this in?

    July - AOU
    August - War of Light
    November - Amazing Spider-Man

    So that leaves September, October or December if they don't release 2 sets in one month. Unless Spider-Man gets bumped to December or 2016.

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    I'm sorry, I know this is not a substantive post, but OMG.

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    Here is a list of possible characters I came up with. Still only about half of a typical Dice Masters set. Who else am I missing?

    April O’Neil
    Casey Jones
    Baxter Stockman
    Rat King
    Foot Soldier
    Foot Bot

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    Maybe this set will be the one that brings items to the forefront. The turtle van is a near certainty & they could make a dozen cool ninja weapons to fill out the set.

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    This is probably the first set I will ensure I purchase EVERYTHING for. If may keep me from getting DC stuff, but whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
    Action dice?
    As someone posted on Facebook:

    Pizza: attach to a character. That character cannot attack or block this turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
    Action dice?
    The ooze.

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    Seems like I may be in the minority and not that excited about this set (yet). The TMNT cartoon was a huge part of my childhood in the 80s/90s, but that was the last time I've cared about the Turtles at all. IP aside, if there's cool cards and mechanics, I'm all for it. I'm just not sold on this set just based on the IP.

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    The newest cartoon has been pretty decent too, to be honest.

    I just love the characters. So much good stuff here. The HeroClix set could be a blast too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pishposh View Post
    Who else am I missing?
    Usagi Yojimbo or we riot

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    I could see both Mousers and Foot Soldiers using the Swarm mechanic.

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    Action Dice Mutagen:Must place on a character character gets +1/+1 while this is attached, *character gets -1/-1 and ** +2/+2 and overcrush

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    RAPH: I mean, come on, how do you guys expect to beat me?

    Quote Originally Posted by pishposh View Post
    I could see both Mousers and Foot Soldiers using the Swarm mechanic.
    RAPH: ...Good answer. Good answer!

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    Ugh... I watched TMNT growing up but this will likely be another set I can't get into. I loved the Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? cartoon but I certainly wouldn't be trilled for a DM set. Gargoyles, on the other hand ...

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    Hahaha.. @RJRETRO ...brilliant! That was the first movie I ever saw in a real movie theatre as a kid. This set is going to be fun...I can totally understand how it won't appeal to everyone though, as it has always been a very comical theme and, at times, downright silly vs the more serious superhero and RPG stuff we have so far...

    Can't wait to use "Wayne Gretzky on steriods!"...I really hope that is the subtitle on one of his cards

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