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Thread: I call this deck...Cheap Date

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    I call this deck...Cheap Date

    The Cheap Date Deck is designed around characters which have a cost of two or less. I am curious if this team is sustainable?

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    Having not played it, I envision that the pilot would purchase several characters while using the opponents PXG. Then use the BAC Globals to drive it home.

    The win condition in its current state is:
    a) A couple swings of a greater number of characters then your opponent in addition to using Transfer Power Global to beef up any unblocked characters.
    b) Using Invulnerability to prevent your blocked characters (which typically have low stats) from going to KO.

    Any ideas? Comments? Criticisms?

    This is mainly just for fun, but I think it could be abnormally competitive.

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    I would look at using Summoned Skull Rare, Human Paladin with the anti-global ability, and then you're probably golden. Perhaps look at taking out some of the characters that fill the exact same curve slots. Falcon, either Beast or Storm, and Zombie for examples. Get one Paladin out there, and then use the Summoned Skull's Global to cycle your weenies fast. Just thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    Morphing Jar for the 1 cost Kobold with the swarm ability that lets you draw extra
    Yeah the Uncommon Kobold would be great too.

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