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Thread: 6/4, Free-Play, DeKalb, IL Graham Crackers Comics

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    6/4, Free-Play, DeKalb, IL Graham Crackers Comics

    Hey all-

    We ended up with simply a free-play tonight which is equally as fun simply because it means no pressure and people get screwy with teams. I crossed my Tsarina deck with the Phoenix Force OP and really had a ball. I played 3 games with a deck that consisted of:

    4 Kobold, Greater Humanoid
    4 Black Widow, Tsarina
    4 Zatanna, Magician
    4 The Atom, Science Advisor
    1 Professor X, Recruiting
    1 Colossus, Phoenix Force
    1 Cyclops, Phoenix Force
    1 Phoenix Force

    Anger Issues

    In the three games I was able to buy the Phoenix Force die by the third turn (once in the second turn). Additionally, I was able to field it, get Anger Issues going and double the attack. I think my biggest attack, with overcrush, was for 28 points. I never bothered to try it out before as the cost felt so prohibitive but, honestly, it wasn't that bad at all. I was pretty excited. I went 2-1 in the games where I used it.
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