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Thread: Article: Worlds Day One Wrap

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    It's funny...your first line conjured up images for me...when you walked into the room...were you greated with a large chorus of "DAVE!"...?

    ...Dave is to Dice Masters, as Norm is to Cheers...

    I've been one of the nay-sayers [constructively, of course ] on the TRP forums and elsewhere about how static I thought the game was becoming at the competitive level, expecting to not see much more than the "AVX+PXG" meta that seemed ever-present at the Nationals tourneys. It sounds like I'm going to be proven wrong though...which I am quite glad about actually. Will be really interesting to see, out of all these diverse teams, who ends up on top in the end.

    Good luck @Dave us proud!
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    Loving the enthusiasm, Dave. All the best for the remainder of the event

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    I got top 8 day one, I am looking forward to playing in the finals.

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