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Thread: Article: Worlds Day Live Blog: One Chance to Qualify

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    Man... wish I was there to see how my team would handle that landscape.

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    Randy, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about... I mean, it would have some potential.

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    Oh, you know I'm talking about what you think think I'm talking about.

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    I think I know what he thinks he is talking about and I think it would do much better than it did in my home when I tried it out against my girlfriend.

    She thinks what I think he thinks he is talking about is crazy.

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    I feel like this clip belongs here.

    (@Ken or anyone else. Feel free to edit this and help me embed this, saving people a click. I'm not seeing the quick button to embed a video.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    think think
    I'm going to leave this right here...

    Also, that means I'm probably in for a real treat tomorrow having such limited access to what is going on these two qualifying days. How exciting!

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    Best of luck!!

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    Comments are usually shorter, so we don't allow embeds in them. That's why you didn't see the option. Maybe we should?

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    Good luck sir.

    I am so envious of your current position. I'd love to be playing DM at the highest level instead of sitting at silly work

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    Regarding missing out on the con: That's exactly what my buddy was referring to and what I tried to reference in the podcast. So much to take in to spend your day in a tournament...

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    Ruling alert: Millenium Puzzle + Jinzo - damage takes place when you place the puzzle in the field.
    The good news is, the puzzle doesn't do damage when you use it to KO the Jinzo.

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    I have to say that I am seriously PISSED about checking serial numbers. I have all of mine but how many dice do we all get of the same card, why is Yugioh any different than any of the other sets. After Defending Yugioh for a long time, telling everyone how great a set it is, with a stupid restriction like that on the set, I think I might retract all the things I have said about it. I just checked and I have all the Die but does this mean I can only play one Jinzo as I only have one of the dice? Stupid!

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    You could play 4 Jinzo's... all you need is at least one of the die to match the card, the other 3 can be whatever number.

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    Right. Only one die must match. It's a bit of a mystery as to why the serial numbers were added, but the leading speculation is that it is something Konami insisted on. Since no other sets have them, that makes sense.

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    Ok well I think it is stupid. I was just talking to somone last night about this at my local tourney. I just looked at all of my dice I found the right dice. But imagine flying from Colorado to Origins without my entire collection (since it fits in a suitcase just for dice masters) and not having the right die for my team. I would have rage quit the game right there and then. Seriously, I can get beat by other players, but to loose a tournament before I start because of a serial number on a die. Konami may say put serials on the dice for collecting value, but Wizkids doesn't have to enforce it in another game.

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    No disrespect intended, but that's something you can check prior to the tournament. If it was something that needed to happen to get the set made, there you go.

    If it was that big of a deal, I'd have tried to make a deal with someone there.

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    I can see how that happens. I know for myself I have been proxying cards and dice and using a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I think if you're not exceptionally careful it could be a very easy thing to overlook. That said, RJ I agree with you.I also think there might be merit to Wiz Kids not sticking to the requirement in tournaments.I'm not sure there's an easy answer, but I'm glad this is the only set so far that we've had to deal with this issue.
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    @RJRETRO No offense taken. I really am being quite reactionary about it. I admit that. The issue is they did not do this at Nationals, or Canadian Nationals because we would have heard. It is not in there tournament rules per say, as I have read them and I cannot find it in the Yugioh Book (so please if someone knows please post). I know it says it must match the card, and the serial is on the card I get that. But if taken at it's word it means you can only play with Multiples of the same rare. I know they say you only need one. However, I do not know about everyone else, but keeping track of one Die out of my collection, I feel is ridiculous. It was one of the reasons some of the people I know do not like the Yugioh set. It is most likely the reason there has never been any OP for Yugioh. It is probably why there will never be another Yugioh set. The dice are small and I have HUNDREDS of them. I cannot explain why it makes me so irrationally angry, but it does. I guess it is fear that I am going to loose one die and the card becomes useless. With working as hard as I did just to get Blue-Eyes and Jinzo, the idea that a serialed die in a game with Hundreds of die goes missing and I am screwed, just makes me furious. I hope no one takes this personally. But I think it is unrealistic.

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    ...actually, let me go see if my BEWD die/card match. Never even thought to check.

    Okay, mine match. Whew!

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    Page 22 YuGiOh Rules book...

    "Serial Numbers
    Each Monster and Action die has a serial number on one side; this number matches the serial number on the first die face in the lower left-hand corner of the monster die data card. At least one of the dice used with any monster die data card must have a serial number that matches the monster die data card.
    For example, Jimmy wants to use a 071 - Baby Dragon, Cute but Dangerous monster on his team. Jimmy owns one 071 - Baby Dragon, Cute but Dangerous, two 009 - Baby Dragon, Juvenile Reptile , and one 041 - Baby Dragon, Soft Scales. He can now play up to four dice with his 071 - Baby Dragon, Cute but Dangerous because it has a max of 4 AND he has at least one 071 - Baby Dragon, Cute but Dangerous die to use with it. If, for some reason, Jimmy had a 071 - Baby Dragon, Cute but Dangerous card but not the corresponding die, he would not be able to use 071 - Baby Dragon, Cute but Dangerous on his team."

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    I know @Mongooli and I were anticipating the organizers at Canadian Nationals checking the serial numbers. However this did not occur. Nor was it even mentioned during the event.

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    @Jthomash2 Aren't you playing this weekend? won Canadian Nationals. You don't need to qualify. Never mind.

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    Yep, I'll be there tomorrow!

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