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Thread: Article: UXM OP Month One Contest Winners!

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    WOOT! I won some! I loved all the teams, the hammer wielders were great. I wonder how long it'll be till Vision uses Mjolnir in the comics to line it up with the cinematic universe.

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    Yes I won! thank You TRP!

    @TRPEvan , Hey I have been mulling this in my head for a minute now. Z and I came up with the same list. Different reasons. So I would if that is OK split my prize, How about I get the Emma Frost and Marvel Girl and Z gets Dark Phoenix and Marvel Girl. If that is OK with Z, and you guys of course.
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    Hey @Vapedaveb , that would be awesome to split the prize, thank you. My email shows as Z, that me. Crazy we came up with the same team dude! It makes sense.

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