Found this on BoardGameGeek and thought I'd share. Maybe useful for VASSAL?

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Had an idea for a sealed pack simulator, so whipped up this proof-of-concept last night. It just has the opening packs part, next I would add a choosing step, and then a printing step.

I used rarity stats someone posted on reddit, which seemed in line with what I saw when I opened a gravity feed a couple days ago. (Out of 180, Super Rare:1, Rare:16, Uncommon:55, Common:108)

Give it a try:

Click the pack to open a pack, up to 12 packs.
Cards from freshly opened pack appear at the top.
List at the side shows names and color for rarity.
Refresh the page to start over.

If anyone is interested in the source (it's only a proof-of-concept, so it's pretty basic/sloppy), it's available here: