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Thread: New to game ... Approach to Trading Question

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    Welcome, Shrapnel!

    As I've only started playing the game a month ago, I've done a fair bit of trading to try and build up my collection. (P.S. I am also enjoying it immensely; it's just so much fun and really easy to pick up).

    I've had trades vary depending on whether or not somebody has a playset of the dice that accompany that particular character. I know when I'm just trading with friends/people in my community, we usually DO trade the dice if we both don't already have a playset completed.

    That being said, I'd say it's probably best to specify when listing trades online!

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    It's always best to specify. Many people trade cards only, simply because it can help save on shipping. But if you're trading Yu-Gi-Oh, or maybe one of the AvX starter characters that only had uncommon dice to finish their playset, or the upcoming Zombie/Black Lantern super rares where the die only comes with that super rare, expect the die to be requested in the trade.

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