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Thread: Some Age of Ultron highlights

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    Some Age of Ultron highlights

    I hung around with the Dice Anon guys after Worlds wrapped up last night so they could get pics of the entire set, so expect a complete spoiler list soon. In the meantime, I figured I'd share a few of the cards that particularly stood out to me, since everyone is surely champing at the bit to get whatever info they can. Since DA has already spoiled a good chunk of the set, I'll refrain from getting into stats too much and just refer anyone who is curious on those details to

    So let's get to the good stuff.

    Baron Zemo - Helmut J. Zemo, Common, Villain
    While Baron Zemo is active, you may pay 1 to reroll any number of Action Dice during your Roll and Reroll step.

    -I can already see some rule clarification needed here (have we ever been able to pay during the R&R step? Do you get one extra reroll or can you pay multiple times? Ugh.) but this could really help amp up some action based teams. Zemo's got 1/2/2 fielding, though, which is a little rough.

    (Side note, do we have a 1 generic energy colon code?)

    Beast - Not Your Average Pretty Face, Rare, X-Men
    When Beast attacks, draw and roll a die. If you rolled energy, place it in your Used Pile. Otherwise, place it in your prep area.

    -Some fun risk/reward here in a nice 2 cost package, and if you know that your bag has an unfavorable sidekick ratio this can help cull them out.

    Daredevil - Guardian of Hell's Kitchen, Rare
    When fielded, KO an enemy character die.

    -After this week I really don't want to think too hard about how the meta may shake out with new sets coming out, but in general, targeted removal for 3 is pretty dandy. I like it.

    Loki - Loki Laufeyson, Common, Villain
    While Loki is active, once per turn you may pay to deal 1 damage to a character die. That character die loses all of its abilities until end of turn. You may use this ability whenever you could use a Global Ability.

    -Love this card. Love it love it love it. Could certainly stand to use a forums ruling on how he interacts with Jade Giant/Green Goliath, SR Jocasta, etc., but still, this is a super common.

    Loki's Sceptor - Piercing, Rare
    Place this die into your Field Zone. You may move it to your Used Pile to KO an enemy character that would do combat damage to you and prevent that damage from that character die. Send this die to the Used Pile at the end of your opponent's turn.
    */** Return this die to the Prep Area if your Loki is active.

    -Patch and FWX could hate this card. If you hate Patch and FWX, you may love this card. With Red and Thousand Dragon's globals running around, 4 cost is pretty strong for this ability. Walsh was running Common Doomcaliber at Worlds because of pesky actions, and that, Namor and the non-Rare Jinzo could see some more play if this becomes popular as well. The looming question, though, is that last sentence. Does this only stay on the field through your opponent's turn after which you play it? Hmm.

    e: and does the burst text apply to when you use the ability or the end-of-your-opponent's-turn portion? Or Both? Sigh.

    Red Skull - Embodiment of Evil, Uncommon, Villain
    If Red Skull is KO'd, your opponent chooses: either they draw one fewer die during their next Clear and Draw step or you draw 2 dice from your bag to your Prep Area.

    -If this were available I would have given some serious thought to putting it onto my Worlds team. Red Skull's 1/2/3 fielding makes it tough to really abuse but that is a really fun pick your poison control option.

    I'll leave it at that for now, don't want to steal too much thunder from DA after all. Not sure what my feelings are on the set as a whole, I'll need to play it some to see if it's as cohesive in isolation as D&D and JL are, but there are certainly some very fun, very neat individual cards.

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    Big fan of Daredevil. I think that card will be loads of fun.

    This might be my favourite set so far. Thanks for sharing!

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    Red Skull looks like he could be a lot of fun. Although giving your opponent the choice does bring his value down a little bit in my eyes. As usually the opponent will not be doing anything in your best interests.

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    Just got home to Vegas. I should be working on this tomorrow and the next day. Full review / spoiler by mid week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiceAnon Mathew View Post
    Just got home to Vegas. I should be working on this tomorrow and the next day. Full review / spoiler by mid week!

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    Thank you guys for pushing more of the information out there. I cant wait til we see the updates.

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    Hmmm. What is interesting is there are no commons for the Zombies. they are only Ultra Rare. I am not sure how I fee about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapedaveb View Post
    Hmmm. What is interesting is there are no commons for the Zombies. they are only Ultra Rare. I am not sure how I fee about that.
    They are all Max 1 dice.

    So it's only a problem if you want to proxy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuigiX View Post
    Very cool! Now, if they'd only put up a checklist for D&D...
    Do you need a checklist for D&D? Becuse I am pretty sure you can generate one pretty easily like this

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    Thanks for the previews @alleyviper . I saw your Guardians team on Facebook tonight. How do they play together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    Thanks for the previews @alleyviper . I saw your Guardians team on Facebook tonight. How do they play together?
    Ha! When you're playing an entirely in-set team against meta monsters on the other side of the board (namely, Constantine, Gobby and Tsarina) it's kind of hard to be able to say much of anything. Rare Gamora is pretty rad, that's about my only takeaway.

    e: I will also say that, in the handful of not terribly indicative games that I played with him, I like the rare Beast less than I expected. Want to play with him more, though.
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    @alleyviper makes sense! I would expect a challenge lined up against that wall of bad boys

    Have you drug out the Zombie Magneto yet? That is one i am looking forward to playing with. How does he play against the meta bous you mentioned?

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    Haven't messed around with Magento yet. In the handful of games I played last night, I ran:

    Black Widow - Oktober
    Hawkeye - Trick Shot
    Giant Man - Pym Particles
    Nick Fury - Sgt. Fury
    Starhawk - Precognitive
    Rocket Raccoon - Smartest Mammall in the D'ast Galaxy
    Loki - Loki Laufeyson

    This was probably the fairest group to assess because I played it against a similarly non-meta team built around Thing and some D&D monsters. Pym Particles is my favorite card in the entire set even if it doesn't end up terribly useful in the meta. Loki felt every bit as good as I think he may be. Trick Shot and Oktober are both fun ways to mess with your opponent's board and have some decent synergy. I'm not super sold on Teamwatch yet but I think I at least underestimated Starhawk - Precognitive's ability. One turn I had him in the field, fielded Nick Fury (+2A to each) then Hawkeye (+2A to each of them as well) so now I've got +2A Fury and Hawkeye and +4A Starhawk ready to swing in. I'll be messing around with it for sure. Gladiator didn't see much play but I do think he has some potential.

    Captain America - The First Avenger
    Beast - Not Your Average Pretty Face
    Gamora - Deadliest Woman in the Universe
    Groot - We Are Groot
    Star-Lord - Element Gun
    Giant Man - Pym Particles
    Rocket Raccoon - Smartest Mammall in the D'ast Galaxy
    Starhawk - Precognitive

    I've got nothing to really go with here because I was just getting curb stomped by Gobby and Tsarina with this group. I wanted to play with Beast and Star-Lord and those are not optimal early turn buys when those SRs are sitting on the other side, neither really did much work. The First Avenger however did a ton of work stifling Tsarina. Gamora is fun.

    Thanos - Infinite
    Ultron Drone - 01000100 011010001 01100101
    Iron Man - Tinhead
    Vision - Ultron's Spy
    Jocasta - Patterned After Janet
    Captain America - The First Avenger
    Giant Man - Pym Particles
    Loki - Loki Laufeyson

    Only played two games with this bunch, both against a weenie rushy kind of team. Literally bought nothing but Thanos and Ultron Drones. It's silly how quickly you can get Thanos' cost down between a 2 cost villain and Iron Man turning sidekicks into Villains, but to rush to it you really have have to sacrifice a lot of development opportunity. I bought multiple Thanos dice both games but never once got him onto the board, losing the first game, winning the second with Ultron Drone damage and Hulk Out overcrushing. WK's ruling on all Overcrush damage spilling over a captured die could make Ultron Drones and overcrush globals very interesting.

    All games I used Hulk Out and Ready to Rocket as my actions. Hulk Out is really, really good.

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