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Thread: Marvel Girl - Humanity - Ability Trigger?

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    Marvel Girl - Humanity - Ability Trigger?

    Let's say I have one Marvel Girl die in the field and my opponent attacks with two character dice. How many times can I spin up Marvel Girl? Does Marvel Girl's ability only trigger once no matter how many character dice attack or can I use her ability once for every attacking die (as long as I am able to spin up)?

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    I'm pretty sure that you can only use the ability once. "When you are attacked" asks the yes or no question "Were you attacked? If so, then spin up to gain two life, if not, no spinning for you!"

    So, yeah, one spin up per Marvel Girl die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    If there are two of her dice in the field, can you spin up both when attacked? And, can you gain 2 life per die that spins up?
    The last info I saw said that yes, you could. So, I have 2 Marvel Girls fielded. One is level 1 and the second die is level 2. If you attacked, I could spin each die up and gain a total of 4 life.

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    Yep. Each Marvel Girl can spin up 1 level only per attack. Gaining you 2 life per Marvel Girl die spun up.

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