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Thread: Article: AGGRO ON ANY BUDGET, FROM $200 TO $10

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    I love Summoned Skull and that one in particular. We were experimenting with him on a team that also involved the green-stripe Flash. It was a little janky but fun. The problem in that team was that he gave the other player too much of an advantage. But I really like it.

    Injection Fairy Lily x2 + GG = basically Patch Hulk.

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    Some times it's just plain fun to play all out aggressive, and that global has that play style down. I am really surprised at the wording on Lily, but yeah it's wonderful when that goes off!

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    Oh it sure does. If you play with it the right way you don't need to worry about Resurrection because what you need right back is getting to your bag.

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    True... but I really like a multiple purchase of small characters on turn 2 with resurrection to fill the bag with multiple characters that will come out next turn... Then you need to thin it out fast after that.

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    I hear you there. I know this is budget but you could consider -PXG, +BEG, -Kitty Pryde, +Pris Spray. Could do enough given the bag management strategy that you're discussing.

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    Great article and well written. Fun team with an additional skill check on a budget. The Walsh approves.

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    I love things that require no rarity. Also makes drafting fun.

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    Great article.

    And, having faced both iterations of this team, I can confirm just how brutal they both are.

    That Injection Fairy is ridiculously good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba9 View Post
    how about psylocke for kitty? you got a ko ability that could come in handy
    Psylocke is a great card, and a definate upgrade in terms of versitality, but at $14.00 it was above the budget I was trying to stay under for the entire build! Maybe I'll do a team next time with three cost levels, anything goes, $25 or $30 and under $10.

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