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Thread: Taking the YuGiOh Plunge

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    Taking the YuGiOh Plunge

    Good morning everyone!

    Well, I finally did it. I placed an order for 2 Gravity Feeds of YuGiOh (and also the starter of course). Here's my question: What cards should I be looking for as I crack all those fabulous packs? I know of a couple, of course, but I have no frame of reference for the YuGiOh. I kind of assumed it was like Pokemon, but have since learned that it's not really like Pokemons.

    Anyway, the TL;DR question here is: What cards should I get all stoked about when they emerge from a booster?

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    are some if the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh cards in constructed.

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    Off the top of my head: Rare Jinzo, Rare Blue Eyes, Rare Slifer, Uncommon Lord of D., Uncommon Doomcaliber, Uncommon Ring of Magnetism, Millennium Puzzle (of which there is only an uncommon). There may be one or two more that are prevalent in the current meta but those cover the heavy hitters pretty well.

    That said, there are a lot of other fun cards that I'd love to see get more play. Rare Harpie Lady Sisters is really neat, uncommon Gaia the Fierce Knight, uncommon Obelisk the Tormentor, all three Doomcalibers are pretty fun. I'd keep an eye out for those earlier rares I mentioned just for the prospect of maybe moving them on the secondary market but if you're going into the set fairly blind I'd just have fun seeing what comes out as you get it.

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    U Injection Fairy is pretty cool too. I agree with what's been mentioned so far. R Summoned Skull has a cool global.

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    I have to admit, I'm much more excited than I thought I would be. I sort of scoffed at YuGiOh when it came out. But, as I've become more of a fan of Dice Masters now instead of simply a "Marvel Dice Masters" fan, I can see the utility of some of these characters and dice.

    Lang help me, I've gone native.

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    I really couldn't care less about YGO as an IP but damn it if they didn't put some really neat abilities into that set.

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    I initially gave YuGiOh a miss too.

    Not because of the IP - though I have likes and dislikes IP-wise I'm much more interested in what a card adds to the game, rather than what picture and/or name it has - but because I couldn't commit to investing in every set to the same degree.

    However, I did pick up a few individual cards, have also picked up a Starter, a bunch of boosters, and will continue picking up boosters and individual cards from time to time.

    As already said, there are some great abilities in the set. And I don't think I would add anything to the cards already listed as ones to look out for.

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    The local TO for our tiny band of Dice Masterin' Masters has collected YuGiOh since its release, but hasn't been able to complete his set. No one else really bought into it. He's pretty stoked that I've decided to start.

    As I said, I really enjoy the game and I want to have access to all of the abilities out there to build my teams o' doom.

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    If you need specific advice for Yo Gi Oh, keep an eye on Reading the Rainbow these next three weeks. That's what I'll be covering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    If you need specific advice for Yo Gi Oh, keep an eye on Reading the Rainbow these next three weeks. That's what I'll be covering.
    Yeah, I've noticed. It's also part of the reason I'm buying into YGO now. So, thank you for that.

    I do enjoy those articles. They really helped with my DC draft a few weeks ago. And, even though there really isn't likely to be a YuGiOh draft in my neck the woods, they are a nice read as a "What if?"... and to get card info.

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    You're buying two cases. get 3 friends and draft your cases for fun.

    Then my articles will be useful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    Then my articles will be useful!
    Yeah right! you wish!

    jk... reading the rainbow is my favorite article... and I bag draft with my son ALL THE TIME, So your articles are useful...

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    Don't forget the common Morphing Jar that only costs 1 mask! I use that more then any of the others

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