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    DBZ Card Game

    So, ever since I started keeping my Dice Masters cards in binders, my kids (especially my 2.5 year old son) has been obsessed with looking through my binders. Just flipping the pages, naming all the heroes they see. So, this past Christmas we got our two oldest kids their own binders, with pages for cards, and various packs of trading cards. The got football, star wars, super heroes, and wrestling cards. We dug out some old Pokemon CCG cards and some of the doubles of my Dice Masters commons. Now they love flipping through their own binders when I'm going through mine. Earlier this year, I introduced them to Dragonball Z. We borrowed the first season (the Saiyan saga) from my younger brother, and they fell in love with it. My kids love Piccolo and Gohan. My son, the 2.5 year old, is constantly walking around with 2 fingers on his forehead saying "special beam fire!" (He's forgetting the "cannon", but I'm not worried about correcting him at this age.)

    My younger brother bought the starter for the Dragonball Z CCG made by Panini in 2014, told me it was a pretty solid game. I was on the fence with purchasing it myself. All of that to say, I bought a pack of cards from the Dragonball Z CCG for my kids, and if the game was any good, I could then use "their" cards to play with my brother. We got home, opened the cards, and started going through them. There were a bunch of commons, a few uncommons, a rare or two, and an ultra rare, Villainous Energy Sphere. I checked out the numbers, and there are only 4 ultra rare cards in the set. On a whim, I decided to check ebay just to see how much it was going for. I assumed it was probably similar to Dice Masters, with most ultra/super rares going for around $20.

    Over $100.

    Holy crap! I snatched it from the stack of cards before it could be destroyed by children and put that sucker up on ebay. I started the bidding at $90, because I don't need top dollar for it, I just need it to sell for most of what it's worth. My son asked me why the card was now sitting in a hard card protector on the dresser. I told him because we are going to share the card with a friend who really wants it. Plus, we still have all of our other Dragonball Z cards to play with. Maybe I'm a bad parent. I feel no remorse.

    I haven't played a single game of this DBZ CCG yet, so maybe I will regret selling this ultra rare. But I doubt it.

    If you enjoy this DBZ CCG, are looking to buy Villainous Energy Sphere, and want to fund my other gaming habits, check out the ebay auction here.

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    One of our "rival" gaming groups at the ol' FLGS is a DBZ group. While there is a little crossover, there really isn't much. Now I know why. With cards THAT expensive, who can afford another game?

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