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Thread: Article: The Road to Becoming World Champ or How I Spent 72 Hours Neglecting My Yard

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    Article: The Road to Becoming World Champ or How I Spent 72 Hours Neglecting My Yard

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    I'd recommend everyone give this a read. Very good insight from a very good player.

    Congrats again, dude!

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    This is a great article. Not only does it provide the blueprint for the World champeeeeeeeen team, but it explains the thought process behind every decision at each step of the way. Nice job (with this and with the big win).

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    Many thanks for sharing your thought process and insights. Congratulations on your awesome victory!

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    Congrats on the win, really great article.

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    Loved the article. Winning it all aside (CONGRATS!!!!), being able to read another players' thought process and how they selected, discovered, tweaked, and adjusted is so very helpful.

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    Congrats @alleyviper on the 2015 World's title.

    Great insight into your team development and game play. An even better advertisement for the game itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrahamA View Post
    Congrats @alleyviper on winning the first DM World's - in the record books forever.

    One question if I may? You probably tweaked your deck or possibly completely changed it with all the new sets coming out. But how would you have dealt with Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell? Without any of the acknowledged counters would you have just tried to ride out its disruption?

    Thanks for this great "thoughts behind building a tier 1 team",
    If you read this article, here, you will find that Indy Mon, who ran a Spray control team, did indeed run into Dean on day three! I'm not Dean, but I assume that Prismatic Spray doesn't bother his team much, as there are only two character globals on his team. Prismatic Spray is strong, but it's usefulness is limited to shutting down characters such as Professor X and Human Paladin, to name but two examples.

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