Hey Guys So I wanted to do a quick rundown of a fun tournament I played in yesterday 6/9/15. I played a hybrid tournament and took first. Here was my initial cards.

I admit this team is all because of @alleyviper and his winning team. It gave me the idea to mix Solomon Grundy as my control and win condition. I have always loved Blue-eyes and anything that lets me use this card better is awesome. So as we can see I started with a villains team. Now the rest of the cards I pulled.

Ok so I wanted to let you know I only pulled one die of every card. I also pulled

For a moment I thought maybe create a bolt team, but since I had already brought Grundy and Black Manta I decided to stick with the plan.
For use in the game MVP was of course Grundy who saw 100% play, along with Cheetah, Black Manta also saw 100% play. Harley was 70% and Constantine was also 70%. Blue Beetle was 50% but really helpful in the first game, Joker never saw play and Blue eyes was for global only.
Ok so the win condition was of course retaliation. I used Blue Eyes/Grundy to control the board and in the process slowly ping my opponents to death. Cheetah also did thousand cuts.
The team worked really well, and was fun, and as a side note was the first mixed team I have ever played without a single marvel card. That was liberating. Yes I have played draft, but never a mixed team without AVX or UXM. No PXG, I feel I am growing as a player (but I still love me some PXG).

Round 1:
Round One I went against a mirror match. My opponent brought everything but blue eyes and grundy. He had replaced them with the rare baterang, and Uncommon Joker. This was a fun game as we both got Blue beetle out quickly. So every time we fielded something we took damage. But by turn 4 I had Grundy in my rotation and I slowly was able to hit him for 2 or 3 a turn with Cheetah also on the field. It was a fun team and I got to warm up my cycling as I messed but timing around villainous pack a couple of times. But I was able to slowly drop my opponent to 0.

Round 2
This was a D&D style machine gun team. Unfortunately my opponent made his whole team from the 10 packs as he forgot everything else. I actually loaned him his actions and dice, he chose to get Powerbolt and Magic Missile team. He had a rough time rolling, but at one point he had 4 action dice and couldn’t role more than one of them as action. I slowly took him down.

Round 3:
My opponent brought the ultimate Winnie team. He just fielded Kobolds and Sidekicks, he had the Red Dragon and kept buying Blessing. It was a fast team. However I was able to get Constantine out quickly and kept calling kobolds. So he never was able to get much out to attack with. By the time he had the red dragon out I had Grundy and was able to control the board and slowly knock him down.

It was a fun tournament and everyone had a good time. Over the last couple of months I had been playing very standard Meta teams. The variations had been slight. However after Worlds, I feel like there is more out there. So, I will be experimenting more and more. This is a very fun hybrid and I cannot wait for AOU.