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    In general I like the variety of teams and I do think we’re making our way to a game where anything can go. I’m still a little concerned about the staples however. Lets take the top 5 cards:
    Constantine - Cheap, amazing utility ability, good numbers
    Tsarina - Cheap, Consistent DD or Reduce damage
    PXG (3 r.y.m. + 5 trainer = 8 PXG) - Best Ramp you can get
    Jinzo - Answer to so many types of teams
    Mallenium Puzzle - Another answer to many types of teams

    One of the things they all have in common is that they are not, by themselves, win conditions. They are almost all control (with the exception of PXG). And they are all the best at what they do. In fact, of the top 16, all but 1 team included at least 2 of these and most included 3+. But being control it means they fit well into just about any team. And that’s why we keep seeing them over and over.

    However…the shining beacon of hope: The one team that only had one of these cards was the winning team.

    So what does this mean for the meta? I hope it means it’s breaking down. Dice Master still feels like a pretty small community right now and the same people tend to play each other and adjust for that small group’s play style. A comment I heard at worlds, “We are top of the heap for our meta, then we came here and got blown away.” I think this is going to be true as the game grows. There are 600+ cards right now with another 250+ coming in the next couple months. We’ve reached a point where the potential combos are huge. And as new players get into the game there will be new strategies that the current players don’t see yet. Worlds has shown us that anything can happen...

    Hal Jordan with Anger Issues FTW!!

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    See, what Dean did was figure out how to do stuff that we were already doing but with different cards. Solomon Grundy with BEG is just a millennium puzzle - but with a body that can hit. It's using things creatively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramlatus View Post
    Is there a list of the actual teams that were played?

    The columns are the teams.

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