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Thread: Team for review: Another Kind of Breath weapon

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    Team for review: Another Kind of Breath weapon

    Another Kind of Breath weapon:
    Hey everyone I am trying to do something different. The following list is for you to judge. It is unplayed and currently in the Baby Planning stage. I am looking at different Breath weapons. Here is the list.
    I would do pictures but there is no picture for one of the cards.

    Basic Actions:
    House of Mystery


    Ok so the idea is to remove your opponents characters, using Constantine/house of mystery to slow down your opponent with Grundy to remove big problems. The Kobolds are ramp but also fuel for Spiderman. Then I will also use Sangan to get back my characters quicker than my opponent, when house of mystery goes off. Injection Fairy is in there to help get the final blow and to pay for Spiderman. Red Dragon is also an end game condition as breath and beatstick.

    I am trying to do something different. I have always love this Spiderman and would like to see him work. I also have all these OP cards I never use and I want to try to get them to be viable.

    EDITED: TO include greater red dragon

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    If any team can roll the 3 fists needed for this ability it's this one.

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    I made a swarm team that had that Spider-Man in it. It actually worked really well. Though, it needed something that could guarantee the finish. I really should revisit it.

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    @Scorpion0x17 yeah I am hoping Injection Fair and Dragon can be that finisher

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