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Thread: The Best "When Fielded" Ability

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    The Best "When Fielded" Ability

    What is it? In all of DM, what card has the best "when fielded" ability?

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    Gobby is pretty strong. I mean, "When Fielded, Win the Game" is a pretty good ability.

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    I suppose it depends on your definition of "Best". For me there are 2 categories here...

    "Most Epic Crazy Wild Potentially Game Ending" Ability

    "Most functional and useful ability in regular gameplay" Ability

    I just love that Apocolypse card...I don't even own it but I've had it used against me. It is a lot of fun and crazy and epic.

    Zatana I've just recently started using a lot. I find she is a very simple thing to add into almost any team to instantly make it more viable. She is made even better on a full Justice League team using Aquaman's discount.

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    The most efficient for its cost is Gobby, I'd say depending on the situation the Apocalypse mentioned above is the most powerful but it's also impractical for the most part.

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