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Thread: An Idea For 10 Character Teams: Just For Kicks

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    An Idea For 10 Character Teams: Just For Kicks

    While we all love the way that the game of Dice Masters is played it can be quite boring seeing and playing the same teams over and over again. Therefore the purpose of this little variation on the base game that myself and MarkB have been working on is to break the monotony of treating every game like an official tournament game, this is supposed to be played for fun still, right? We feel this make for a more strategic chess like style of DM that emphasizes knowing when to attack and when to defend as well on how to efficiently spend the energy you roll. The thing that really pushed us into making this thing happen, is that both of us have several favorite characters from our respective sets (we don't mix and match sets) that don't get much play because they aren't exactly solid plays that you’d want on a team when trying to win. So here are our basic rules at the moment.

    +Each Player will field a team of any 10 characters from their collections.
    +Players each start with a total of 40 points of life (Up from the standard 20).
    +For every character you are allowed only one of his/her die to be available for purchase.(Makes for a more Comic book feel as there is usually only one Spider-man, Hulk, Superman, ETC. at a time)
    +Players are allowed two basic action cards and the standard amount of dice associated with them.
    +For each character card the base text will be ignored, thus making certain characters more viable, Black Panther, ETC. But every character will retain their global abilities and will still be available to both players, as will global abilities on basic action cards.
    +Characters retain the cost to buy and field as written on their card and die.
    +Players will start with the normal 8 sidekick dice.
    +When rolling sidekick dice, if they come up sidekicks after a reroll they move immediately to the out of play spot on your board.
    +Character cards only, therefore no Batarang or Vibranium shield, ETC.
    +Games tend to run longer due to extended life totals, so plan accordingly. When we tested it took approximately 2 hours to play. A little long but you barely notice.

    Also before anyone gets mad or leaves a comment saying someone else did this, We didn't check and aren't trying to steal anyone's thunder, just trying to enhance the community by maybe giving everyone else something they may find as a suitable way to play as a break from the main game.

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    @JoeB and I always liked the talk on the podcasts on thematic cards so we figured what is more thematic then only having one of each character available to send into battle. As Joe stated above we really enjoy the standard rules as well but this gives us an awesome variant.

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    I like the idea of SKs going out of play, only one character die and ten characters. that's about it tho...

    What about each player can only use his/her globals AND only when that character is active, or the turn the action is used...?

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    @SarkhanMad the game lasted long enough using the globals. I believe if we restricted the use of them, 1. It would slow the pace down even more. 2. It would make it even harder to get 6+ costs characters and 3. It would take a lot of the "chess" strategy away from the game (when to distract, assign cannot block, magic missile, pxg,etc.) thanks for the comments try it out with your suggestions and let us know.

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    Have you considered playing with the same rules as above, except all the characters retain their game text?

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    @Bigred92 It's been considered, and we might try it out it the next time we test, because as posted this is an ongoing rule set. But a fear I have not sure if MarkB does will be that it could lead to potential total shutdown of an enemy team by being able to board wipe almost every turn depending on the current characters players are using. Feel free to give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

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