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Thread: Brand new player looking for general advice on where to start.

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    Brand new player looking for general advice on where to start.

    So I picked up some AVX when the set first dropped but due to the shortage no one played locally and I set my dice up without ever so much as riling them. Fast forward to this past weekend and being burnt out on Heroclix, I watched the dice masters stream on Twitch. The game looks very fun and I'm going feet first into it. I've picked up a display of JL and UXM as well as both starters and have a D&D starter and display on their way as well. I've got a storage idea from when I bought into AvX and just had a cool playmat made on inked playmats, (although I'm going to go back and get the Thanos one from SpiderMaxx made as well).

    I don't have a lot of specific questions, but just where do you start? I've got a good size collection so now it's just about sitting down and learning the game. Outside of normal things like sleeves, are there anything else you find yourself using a lot such as tokens and things?

    Thanks for any advice and I look forward to seeing where this game takes me.

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    If you play a lot of D&D you might need some tokens, but in general just the cards and dice are what you'll need. I also like to keep life on paper so the life tracker getting slid around isn't a thing.

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    Things I use:

    • A couple of D20's for life tracking (one for me, one for my opponent).
    • One D6 for generic energy when I take bag burn.
    • A better dice bag (the ones that come with the starter sets aren't great).
    • A dice tower (not essential).
    • A bunch of D6's for tracking Experience when playing in-set D&D.

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    Even if you don't fully buy into the other sets, getting at least the starters is still a good idea just to get all the Basic Action cards (Yugioh has some great ones).

    I use these as life counters (paste the dials into a Heroclix figure), just something cool about seeing 2 figures facing off while you battle

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    Welcome to the game! It is a fun experience and one I hope you can cultivate locally for yourself. Go to your FLGS and see if you can find out if anyone else plays, and sit down and get things started with them. Ask if your store will fire off OP events. If you can support your local scene your opponents and opportunities to play will grow.

    You can also play people on hangouts or vassal on here for personal growth and learning how to play around with builds.

    The above things are all good to have-but people to play with is the most important thing you can add to your gameplay!

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