This is not necessarily an upcoming "event" but rather a post to make it know that through a bit of doing, we have managed to get a steady group of people to play full constructed every Thursday evening starting at 6pm. at Gamebreakers in the Nepean area of Ottawa, Ontario.

What: "Constructed" is a format where every card from every set is legal. For example, you are allowed to mix and match cards from Avengers vs. X-Men with your favourite dragons from D&D. It is a fun and challenging format that gives players lots of choice when team-building, and rewards players for thinking ahead and planning.

Where: 780 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3V8

When: Thursday evenings, starting at 6pm.

Why: To have a good time, practice, playtest and hang out with a great group of people

How: All you have to do is show up with $5 (and probably some cards if you have them)My co-organizer and I have plenty of spare cards/constructed teams that we can lend out to help teach newer players. The $5 covers your entry fee, supports the store and prize support, and guarantees you a minimum of 1 pack as well as an Organized Play participation card, with more packs and rarer OP cards awarded for top spots. Tournament matches are played in swiss, and will either be best of 3 or best of 1 depending on turnout.

Find them on facebook here

If you are in the area and want to try playing constructed Dice Masters, come hang out with us! If you need to be taught, we have plenty of teaching materials and would love to help people learn how to play.