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Thread: Type Clarification - Evil, Monster

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    Type Clarification - Evil, Monster

    Are D&D "evil" characters villains?

    What's a "monster" wrt. Experience?

    Is the hard and fast rule that "evil" and "monster" don't regard characters outside of D&D?

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    Unless it is a house rule, evil characters and monsters are only aspects in D&D, while Yugioh calls everything as monsters they have been defined as characters for mixed.

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    More specifically, a monster in mixed play is explicitly something that has the monster banner in the upper left corner of the card.

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    Thanks guys, Yugioh is why my brain got confused. Started questioning everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmrulesteam
    Here is a list of equivalent language used across the different Dice Masters properties:

    1) Sidekick = NPC
    2) Character (Comics) = Monster (Yu-Gi-Oh!) = Creature (D&D)
    3) Villain (Marvel) = Villain (DC) [Despite having a different icon]
    4) Monsters for D&D purposes are different from Monsters for Yu-Gi-Oh! purposes. D&D Monsters are characters with the Monster banner in the upper left corner.

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