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Thread: New format idea: inverted dice counts.

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    New format idea: inverted dice counts.

    This one is simple:

    Ignore the 'max dice' printed on the card.

    Instead, a card's 'max dice' is determined by:

    Purchase Cost / 2, round up.


    Tsarina? Max: 1.
    Wind-Rider? Max: 3.
    Piotr Rasputin? Max: 4.

    All other team build restrictions are as per your chosen format.

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    That's actually a really interesting idea. While I don't see this really creating any new strategies, I think there's a few teams that would flourish in this environment since it naturally inhibits most early aggression.

    Burn teams relying on Human Torch or Firestorm could do great things since they do not need many characters to demolish you over time. Flying Sidekicks has access to enough dice to set up and swing for lethal without even being affected by the new format. Finally, Justice League could be powerful because of the cost reduction allowing them to purchase more dice on 2/4 adjusted cost characters than would normally be allowed like 2 Zatanna and Aquaman.

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