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Thread: Time to play the favourites game!

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    Time to play the favourites game!

    What is your favourite die (colour, stats, symbol)?

    What is your favourite card (character, artwork, subtitle)?

    For some reason I really like Marvel Girl's die. Nice colour combination and a cool icon.
    No idea about a favourite card...plenty on least favourites (All Vixens, UXM Prof X artwork, ALL YUGIOH ARTWORK)

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    Favorite die for it's colors and symbol - Psylocke.
    Favorite card might be Green Goliath - I've never really been too big of a fan of Hulk as a character but I think this card feels right. It would be hard to better design a card where a character is smashing everything in a rage.

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    My answer to the dice is Venom ( just like the way it looks and love the character)

    As for the card either joker the clown prince of crime or the op kit apocalypse played both a lot like the abilitys like the characters and I almost always do villain teams.

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    Doom! Doom is a favorite villain from the comics and I like the look of the dice.

    If I don't choose a D&D card, then Spider-Man The Amazing. That's a great looking card.
    Red Dragon if I include D&D. Those cards are all great.

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    I think in terms of cards, and

    Love the art style, plus Controls Probability was the first super rare I pulled.

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    For card art work, #1 is . I can't get enough of Phil Noto's art. Runner up would be (pun intended). It's just a really cool picture, nice colors, clean art.

    For dice, I like the colors on the Mr. Fantastic die. The upcoming Hulk from AOU looks really cool too. Also the AVX Wolverine die.

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    The die in my profile is my favourite. Big Namor fan. I also like Black Panther, Venom, Hawkeye, Mr. Fantastic...

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    Still love these two for favourite artwork...and it is sooo much fun putting them side-by-side in a post like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scum View Post
    Favorite die for it's colors and symbol - Psylocke.
    And I will +1 for Psylocke. It is one of those die that doesn't look translucent at first until you hold it up to a light. Nightcrawler's die is like that too.

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