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    Feedback Loop Team

    Ok, after opening 180 packs of YuGiOh in the past 24 hours, I'm itching to use some of these cards that I got in fun, and stupid, ways. Here is another team I came up with, that may or (more than likely) will not work:;3x32avx

    The plan for this one-trick pony is to buy tons of cheap characters to field a wall o' weenies, while powering the globals for Prof X and Slifer. In theory, it should allow me to do 2 direct damage to my opponent for every I can spend. Meanwhile, I'll be prepping extra dice every so often from Beast and Zatanna.

    I know this seems silly... but any thoughts on this combo?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, but Smash is mostly there as a way to stop Overcrush. This tiny team would be one angry Martian Manhunter away from a big big problem.

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    its good,i would switch playing with fire to johnny swarm

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshaber View Post
    johnny storm
    I was wanting to keep the cost of the "ammo" characters low, so that's why I went with the 2 Human Torch instead of one with a better ability. They are there to be warm blocking bodies and energy batteries, not as active parts of a team.

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    Yeah, maybe "Feedback" Loop wasn't the best name for this team. False advertising and all that. How about "Ye Olde Masky Bolty"?

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