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Thread: The Rev Trade list

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    The Rev Trade list


    Super Rare

    AOU Magneto: Magnetic Monster
    FUS Bugbear Ambusher: Epic Humanoid
    WF Black Lantern Martian Manhunter: Alien Afterlife
    WF Black Lantern Firestorm: Torment of Two Spirits
    CW Tony Stark: Sorcerer Supreme of Earth 9810
    CW Natalia Romanova: Black Widow and Thor of Earth 23223
    WF Black Lantern Firestorm: Torment of Two Spirits
    G/F Green Arrow: Star City Savior
    G/F White Latern Batman: Light in the Darkness
    G/F White Lantern Sinestro: Destiny Awaits



    Iron Man: Phoenix Buster
    Wolverine: Walking His Own Path
    Phoenix Force: Force of Nature
    Storm: Wind-Rider
    Namor: Atlantean
    Captain America: The First Avenger
    Beast: Mutate #666
    Melinda May: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. x4 Full-art/Blank
    Loki: Loki Laufeyson
    Blink: Exile
    Hulk: Green Goliath
    Belaphoss: The Mad Demon
    Atomica: Trinity War
    Aquaman: Arthur Curry
    Batman: Terror of Crime Alley Full-art/Blank
    Terry McGinnis: Batman Beyond x4 Full-art/Blank
    Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage

    I have almost all the monthly promos, if you are looking for one let me know.


    Super Rare

    AVX Green Goblin: "Gobby"
    AVX Mr. Fantastic: Elastic
    AOU Jocasta: Patterned After Janet
    ASM Black Cat: Party Hardy
    ASM Iron Spidey: Armored Arachnid
    FUS Ring: Epic Gear
    FUS Hammer of Thunderbolts: Epic Magical Object
    FUS Talisman of Ultimate Evil: Epic Magical Object
    WF Black Lantern Anti-Monitor: Darkest Evil
    CW Captain America: The Price of Freedom
    CW Ronin: Between Employers


    WF Bruce Wayne: International Playboy


    Storm: African Priestess
    Cable: Techno-Organic
    The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime
    Copper Dragon: Legendary Dragon
    Spider-Man: Great Responsibility
    Drizzt: The Hunter
    Superman: Hero of Metropolis
    Bane: Venom Enhanced
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    I have a BL Superman and could use another Constantine. Any interest?

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