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Thread: Junkyard Dogs (Hulk+Venom)

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    Junkyard Dogs (Hulk+Venom)

    Utility Dice:
    *X Basic Action Card: Polymorph (used to get Venom or Hulk out on Turn 3; global also used to keep Venom and Hulk on bursts)
    *3 Cerebro: Supercomputer (used to slow aggro down before they kill me ... debating on getting a utility blocker instead though)

    Utility Global:
    *X Basic Action Card: Magic Missile (used alongside Hulk, Iceman, and Venom to keep board cleared)
    *1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon (just really good cost-mitigator)
    *1 Iceman: Too Cool for Words (Bolt maker)
    *1 Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants (just really good at keeping sidekicks out of bag)
    *1 Silver Surfer: Silverado (Resurrection global with synergy with Hulk and prevents life sensitive teams from abusing it)

    *4 Kobold: Greater Humanoid (Cheap Swarm engine that doubles as cheap beaters while Venom has an active burst)

    *4 Hulk: Jade Giant (Usually comes out first against more stompy teams, second against aggro)
    *4 Venom: Angelo Fortuno (Reverse of above)

    Well, as one of the employees at my LGS put it, Hulk control has issues closing the game out. And what is better to help that than a cheap source of ramp and a lord that turns them into beaters or that doubles as widespread removal against aggro.

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    That seems like a fun deck! I dig the synergy between Venom and the Kobolds.

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