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Thread: Storm Lady Liberator multiple dice fielded

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    Storm Lady Liberator multiple dice fielded

    If I have multiple Storm dice fielded, does her ability apply to each individual die, or all of her dice collectively?

    Lets say I have three Storm dice in the field and then throw in a fireball. Would my opponent take a total of 4 or 8 damage?

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    Damage is dealt to a die, not to a character card. I'm pretty sure that you redirect per die.

    TRP has built this deck, and we were play testing it before worlds. An article is in the works if you want to see what we ended up with. Right @Randy ?

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    You're stealing my thunder @pishposh ! It is to each die. So Fireball with 2 Storms in the field would do 6 damage to your opponent.

    An article all about my Fireball team is already written. Just waiting until tomorrow afternoon to post it, so stay tuned.

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    I have an event tonight where the theme is Ladies Night. Any characters have to be female. I thought this combo would be interesting. I just need to fill out the rest of my team now. I'm thinking maybe Elf Wizard to get Fireball out there quicker.

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