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Thread: Cross IP terminology and Sidekicks/NPCs

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    Cross IP terminology and Sidekicks/NPCs

    With multiple IPs using different terminology, things can get a little confusing.

    I played my first DnD game last week. We weren't sure what an "Adventurer" included. We assumed it was just DnD's way of identifying characters. Later I discovered that an Adventurer is specifically a character that has the ability to gain experience. Apparently my physical copy of the rule book was made obsolete by a newer PDF version. Ugh.

    So, my questions are:

    1) Without having to wade through pages and pages of threads on the Wizkids Rules forum, is there a single location that gives current, official definitions of terms used in the game?

    2) Sidekicks are also NPCs, right? Do Sidekicks always count as characters/monsters and are therefore subject to rules affecting characters/monsters in general?

    For example if I'm using

    I would deal damage when I field a sidekick/NPC.

    3) When I attack with a level 1

    can my opponent choose to KO a sidekick?


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    Here's some info, not a complete list of what you want though. We should probably add a good list to the wiki.

    *edit - also, a sidekick die on the sidekick (character) face is considered a character, all other faces, it's energy. Just think of a sidekick as a character with no card and 5 energy sides instead of 1.

    1) Sidekick = NPC
    2) Character (Comics) = Monster (Yu-Gi-Oh!) = Creature (D&D)
    3) Villain (Marvel) = Villain (DC) [Despite having a different icon]
    4) Monsters for D&D purposes are different from Monsters for Yu-Gi-Oh! purposes. D&D Monsters are characters with the Monster banner in the upper left corner.

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