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Thread: The TRP Employment Agency

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    The TRP Employment Agency

    We've got some tasks that could use some attention and we're asking the community to help. To test the waters to see if something like this works, we're starting the employment agency with just one job (which can be split up and completed by many people). If such a thing proves popular, we'll probably expand the employment opportunities.

    Our first job (detailed below) was completed in record time! We will post future opportunities in this thread.

    HELP WANTED - DMDB Database Lookup Specialist - @Scorpion0x17 came up with the great idea that we should allow embedding of DMDB teams in posts here. To do that, we need to be able to link DMDB card IDs to our internal card database. Check the spoiler to find out how you can help make this happen.
    Spoiler Alert!
    We know you guys and gals are naturally a helpful bunch, but we're a point right now that we can reward your efforts with both our sincere thanks AND with contest chances. For each row in the spreadsheet you complete, we will award you an extra contest chance. That means that right now there are 680 contest chances up for grabs. Do the work, do it accurately, and earn those chances! No need to ask for permission to start, just pick any incomplete row and complete it. (The rows do not need to be completed in order).

    Questions? Comments?

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    Cool. Thanks!

    I see pishposh is taking care of a bunch lower in the list too.

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    So I am starting AVX anyone wanna just call sets and make sure things don't get messed up?

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    UXM done.
    @Ken : In case you didn't see this in the chat - some of the UXM starter set characters had their subtitles in the wrong order, and a couple of the UXM OP cards had their set number swapped, so I corrected them.

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    Looks like I was too late to help on this job?

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    As Dave and others said, you guys are amazing! I have awarded all of the contest chances earned.

    Yes, thanks Scorpion for doing those corrections as you found them.

    @Loran --Great! We still will have to match them up manually on our end, but having a list to work from will make the lookup process go quicker. Thank you! To answer your question, yes, we will continue to use that spreadsheet in the future. I'm going to do a bit of cleanup on it (you'll notice there are many hidden columns--those contain all of the card details).

    @IsaacBV -- Since this was a success, I will try and get together the next job assignment soon. It will probably be one presenting card images and then proofreading what we have in our database for ALL of the card details and correcting any errors. You sign off on each row you've done to get credit (contest chances) whether you found any errors or not. However, for each card you found an error, you get lots of bonus chances. (Think of it as a bounty we're placing on finding database errors). Each card will have two columns for people to claim credit since we want each card proofread by at least two people.

    @Loran (again). I'd love it if when we're done with that next job (see immediately previous paragraph), if I could (privately) get a full dump of your card details database as a triple check. You and I could reconcile the errors between our two databases. In other words, you're welcome to port back anything we caught to your database and we incorporate whatever you've caught but we missed. Hopefully there won't be too much different. (I can do the work of creating the DIFFs if you'd like.) What do you think? (Reply here PM me if that works better).

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    @Ken how are you planning on handling card errata when compared to the actual card text?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pishposh View Post
    @Ken how are you planning on handling card errata when compared to the actual card text?
    A separate column. The database reflects card text as written (other than backward written text being written forward ), but another column lets you note any errors that exist on the card (typos, etc.) Nothing those is also worth extra.

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    Too bad I missed out this time, hopefully can help next time!

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    Sorry all, the task I was going to have for today is cancelled. Last night, I figured out a way to accomplish it in an automated fashion.

    To make up for that, I will prepare another opportunity for next weekend. This one is going to be a very big one with thousands of prize chances up for grabs. There will be lots to do! I will announce the exact start time later, but if you guys want to give me an idea of what sorts of times on weekends generally works best for y'all (not talking about this upcoming weekend specifically), that would be great. (List times in Eastern time).

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    I'm generally available most days (all week and weekend) between midday GMT/BST (~7am EST/EDT) and midnight GMT/BST (~7pm EST/EDT), depending on what I'm doing, health, energy, etc.

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