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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 4 Constructed Bias

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    Article: Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 4 Constructed Bias

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    You accidentally doubled pack one instead of printing pack two. We can still tell what the cards were by the analysis, but this makes it really hard to follow along and come to our own decisions.

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    Oh, woops. Will correct now.

    Fixed. Sorry I duplicate the first line to generate format and usually go back and change them, but today I was just struggling to do the article in one solid push so that step go lost in between procrastinations.

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    For my money, I want consistency in my draft team. The heavy hitters are always going to be there and you can make any big body into a win condition. However, the real utility cards are not always going to be available. As such, I'd grab the Sangan as one of the strongest cards in the setting and the Injection Fairy Lily purely for dice. There's enough injection fairies that we're likely to be passed one of them somewhere, but having only one isn't going to do anything for us. Taking the Rare means we're building up our dice to make sure we can make good use of her when a better iteration comes our way.

    Curse of dragon can be good, but he's expensive to field and can really hurt to have to field over and over. And while Lord of D. is good, we'd need his burst face which can be difficult to roll and require more resources to acquire. I'm never a fan of drafting characters for globals since they're going to be available to both me and my opponent. My best bet is to take advantage of whichever globals I'm faced with and simply get more functional cards than my opponent since I'll have more slots and draft choices. As such, DCK never really even makes it onto my radar. If my opponent brings him, I'll have it too, if they don't, we're still on a level playing field. The only time you should worry about globals is if your opponent has a team built around taking better advantage of them than you do, and since we're drafting here, that's a fairly unlikely situation. The only truly scary globals are those that can be brought with BAC's since you get to directly control which ones you take after drafting your team and have multiple sets to choose from if you're playing in that sort of setting.

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    I wasn't considering DCK for JUST his global. He's a 5/5 for 5... or bigger, that has the same non-burst ability as Lord of D. That's pretty impressive.

    That aside, those are some good analyses Necro. I definitely think Sangan should be a first pick, but when it comes to the first pack, I think I'd still pick up the Curse of Dragon over IFL. I agree that you need her dice, but I feel like, in draft, you never really NEED more than one or two of any die. To be honest I'd almost rather JUST get Sangan to ramp with instead of Sangan and IFL.

    That is one thing about Yu Gi Oh drafts that definitely differs from DC drafts. There is much less of a "right" answer syndrome going on.

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    Definitely. The meta isn't really "solved" in Yu-Gi-Oh and I don't think it's constructed in such a way that it can be. However, you're underestimating Injection Fairy if you're just looking at her as ramp. Given her costs and effects, she's more than capable of being part of a swarm win condition and decent for walling up. Another synergy that is good, if hard to pull off successfuly, is to combo Sangan with the Rare Injection Fairy herself since there's going to be very few ways to deliberately knock out your own characters. Finally, we know there's 1+ Uncommon Black Luster Soldiers in play and he can turn an already scary swing with 3+ Injection Fairies into an absolute massacre, all for a single sidekick. We have a decent chance that he'll wheel back to us in our first pack, or that we'll pick one up from someone else's castoffs, meaning that characters are going to be really strong. If we can get our hands on some Breaker the Magical Knights, especially the uncommons, we're going to be in a very good spot to take advantage of a build alongside Pick your Battles.

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    Injection Fairy Lily doesn't knock out when you make her unlockable, otherwise that would be a GREAT combo.

    I do respect IFL for her offense capability, don't get me wrong. But I do feel like the same could be said for grabbing the uncommon Lord of D. He is a BEAST of a 3 drop die and we get the option to do the dragon theme deck, which will also hopefully get us some baby dragons too.

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    Oops, I may have misread that effect slightly. That said, she's decent for giving Sangan good targets and reactivating "when fielded" effects if that's what you're into and I can't wait to get a hold of that Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and combo those two in Unlimited. As far as Lord of D. is concerned, I just don't rate him without the Ring of Magnetism since he ends up being a crappy version of Spider-Man since they're both 4-costs with 3/3, 4/4, 5/5 stats and he costs more to field. Heck, give me a die with Green Goblin's or Scarlet Witch's stats for 3-cost and I'll eat him up over Lord of D.'s average statline. I'm just unconvinced that getting a 3/3 die you want for the burst is worth the 2+ resource investment and double the cost of Injection Fairy. Especially since that drives us away from a strategy that I know works effectively and we can grab the right dice for in search of a dragon strategy with an uncertain future, high fielding costs, and semi-specific requirements.

    I'm not knocking your decision, just throwing my own in as well. I'm especially keen on drafting any Injection Fairy dice away from my opponents as well since it's still very unlikely for me to be faced with the option to draft more than 4. Yu-Gi-Oh is lacking in AoE clearing, so Injection Fairy spam is a very feasible strategy.

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    Oh yeah, I gotcha Necro, it's just every time you bring up why you like your decision i see more reasons to like mine more :P Man if that Injection Fairy KOed one of your guys to go unblockable though, that's be great.

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