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Thread: Check, Rate and comment Team I'm working on currently.

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    Check, Rate and comment Team I'm working on currently.

    o here is my team at the moment.

    The idea is simple, polymorph hulk in, and keep blasting with Slifer's global. The problem is that this deck is global hungry, so closing the game should happen with preferably three costs, so as win conditions I have Lily, she's a real beast for 3 cost and she can trigger hulk on her own, and Gobby, cause he's that good.

    Now there is problem of Phoenix, first she was added to deal with opposing Hellbrazer, but as I found out the only thing that is really hit by him is gobby, and Hulk can get rid of him very easily. So I use her in those rare situations that I have 2+ gobby in prep area and really need to get Hellbrazer off the table. I actually find her global used on mine Hellbrazer more often than using it myself ! Is the idea of dropping her a good one, and what could I put in her place ?

    I don't have Tsarina, and YGO is not carried by any of FLGS in my town, so what little I have was very hard to get, so no BEWD as well. But I do have a few staples from YGO. What could be changed, or added, and how do you see the team as a whole ?

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    I would try messing around with this:

    This is absolutely brutal when paired with Slifer the Sky Dragon - Lighting Blast

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    Hulk + 2x Fairy is enough to win; that's an EXCELLENT start. I would stick with those and trim some fat here.

    Look at the way you want to win and think about what threatens that. For Hulk Green Goliath, I'd be worried about things like Jade Giant, which can just KO my Hulk right away. Pack some removal - depending on what is available to you, you could go with the Millennium Puzzle from YGO or rare Psylocke from UXM - I'd say consider Blue Eyes/Grundy like we saw in Worlds, but that isn't going to work since you can't get your hands on Blue Eyes. Of course, you can always use Polymorph defensively too for removal. If you go Psylocke (though she gets mask hungry with her ability), remove Kitty Pryde for her.

    You may need some protection from Prismatic Spray, which would negate Constantine and also your ramp if your opponent has no PXG. Is the common Doomcaliber Knight available?

    Since you have GG and can clear the board with him, I think Relentless is superfluous and could actually be used by your opponent to hurt you; consider putting something else in that slot.

    Just to throw something out there, maybe evolved to:

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    So I've had busy Sunday and Saturday playing tourneys in two different LFGS and winning both of them. The deck works quite well, and as long as it doesn't get major hick-ups on rolls round 1 to 3 it performs beyond my expectations.

    Saturday tourney was a 6 person one, with 3 rounds being played, each round being best 2 out of 3.

    My first opponent had non BEWD villain team, with prismatic spray.
    Game 1 he botched his first, and second round rolls, allowing me to simply smash round 5 for lethal.
    Game 2 he bought PS round 2, and from here real problems started, I've had to both dance around it with my ramp and try to defend myself without both working Hulk, and Hellblazer. Luckily for me my opponent was building himself far too long and he missed the moment when he should have started to win by something like 3 turns, so I was able to align Hulk with two Fairies and swing for a win.

    My second opponent was playing Wolverine Anger Issues deck. Without any way to anwser Hulk, and with all of his core sporting 3D at best both matches were a short and consisted of me polymorphing hulk in, pinging him, and getting fairies on table.

    My third opponent had Villains again, this time without either BEWD nor PS.
    Game 1 was a classic get hulk in, smash, till fairies can finish the game.
    Game 2 I botched my first roll heavily. My opponent went and bought all 3 polymorph dice, forcing me to go for plan B, buy Gobby and spam him along with sidekicks. With only 3 polymorph dice to defend himself with opposing player was unable to do anything about them and was defeated. That was the only time I bought Gobby.

    Today's tournament was once again a six person, 3 rounds, best 2 out of 3 one.

    My first opponent had a strange brew using rare firestorm, along with sinister global to clear out field, and that was backed up a lot of batarangs.

    Game 1 I was able to do usual stuff and blow my opponent with Hulk.
    Game 2 I botched 3rd round roll really heavily, and my opponent was able to start using his removal suite and soon my Constantine and Hulk's were dying left and right by Firestorm and Batarang's. Slowly trying to build my forces I ended in situation where I'm sitting on 12 life with nothing but a single Constantine in field and Hulk with two fairies sitting in my bag. All that was left to do was playing relentless and swinging for lethal. My opponent simply missed the moment when he was able to win, and the next round saw 2X fair + Hulk FTW being performed.

    The second player had heavy control build, with Deadpool Jack, and Jade Giant being central pieces, both backed up by distraction.
    Game 1 was a slow struggle. He had very few ways to deal any kind of damage, and I couldn't keep Hulk on table for long, due to Deadpool. My dices were refusing to land on wilds or shields so I was unable to buy Hellblazer through most of a game. Constantly attacking, to at least break his ramp I was slowly doing some damage, until about 5 minutes before termination being called I finally was able to polymorph Constantine on the field and pull Joker from the table with help of Phoenix (looks like even he is not resistant to redhead's charm), so I was able to field my Fairies and swing for a win. We did not start game 2.

    Game 3 was with bolts team. The regular Cheetah, Firestorm, Cyclops stuff. He had no way to deal with Hulk so game 1 was very fast and game 2 a bit longer as I missed polymorph round 3, and Hulk landed on :ff: side twice on round 4. But on round 6 I was able to field two Hulks and go for a win.

    After all those games I feel, that Hulk and Fairies are enough to win a game. Gobby is really just an overkill that rarely get's bought. With polymoprh and Jean working well as removal I don't really think I need much more, but a way to deal with those pesky actions is much needed. I'll need to process new data, and I'll try a new version next time, prolly with Morphing Jar for 1 in place of Kitty, and with the suggested Doomcaliber Knight.

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    Im general I agree with those tweaks. I think you may get less use than anticipated out of Morphing Jar, but I'm curious to see how it plays for you. I find that Morphing Jar lends itself to overbuying, an especially common pitfall in newer local metas.

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    I have used morphing jar in a tournament, it has great stats for a 1 cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Im general I agree with those tweaks. I think you may get less use than anticipated out of Morphing Jar, but I'm curious to see how it plays for you. I find that Morphing Jar lends itself to overbuying, an especially common pitfall in newer local metas.

    I've found myself overbuying without a one cost die. I can't imagine how much worse it would be with it. Its definitely one of the things that tripped me up at my last event. The more die I bought the harder it became to draw a die that I REALLY needed but "I've got to buy something, right?"

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    Not directly on-topic, but sometimes if you feel that you may be overbuying, give another look at the globals that are available and how you might use (or threaten to use) those on your opponent's turn.

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    Overbuying is just like overhealing, I've had to spend hours on RA with nothing but healing touch and infuse just to learn how not to do that.
    It's a common problem new players have in DM, they always try to field everything or to buy something every turn and this ends with them breaking PXG ramp, or they find themselves short on ping or distraction and they loose game.
    One of reasons for cutting Gobby, an super strong SR is that I feel I'm overbuying every time I get him, he's just a shiny overkill, nowhere in core of my team.
    I think I know how NOT to overbuy, and I think Morphing Jar will give more flexibility in using global abilities.

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    If you want someone to attack you, you can use

    I would also remove relentless. With Green Goliath, last thing you want is someone putting that on Hulk.

    Ever thought of using and switching out Slifer? You can add an extra character slot for

    Magic missile just adds more of a bonus because buying it can deal 2 damage towards your opponent along with the Global.

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    This is what I have at the moment.
    Toad is not worth it in here, as he needs to be active to pull and on those times when I need to pull, I need to have it on demand, hence going the global route.
    Nova is again, just like in case of Gobby, an overkill. One finisher to connect is enough, taking both Nova and Lily is just too much, you don't need both of them to win. Without Nova in team, taking in Iceman is again not needed, the pint is to change those into 3 damage sweep via Hulk, so 2 at most 3 bolts is most you will ever need.
    The whole point of Slifer is to have a free Basic action slot. Without having any way to boost Magic Missile damage, or lowering it cost buying it is just not worth it. Currently running with Resurrection to have an extra way to ramp, lower first player advantage in case of going second and do some prep shenanigans in round 3 after failing to roll Poly, to instantly push Hulk to prep area.
    Now Psylocke is a strong contender, as she is still amongst best point removal in game, sadly she is so behind with presence of Constantine, but if I find Morphing Jar to not work as well as intended I'm going to put her in.
    Your version is nice, but I would cut Lily, if I were going Nova as a win condition.

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    Definitely take out morphing Jar. It helps for Professor x and a one buy but you have other cheap characters. Psylocke over Morphing Jar. Slifer is good too. Iceman over Doom Caliber unless you're using this one

    or better if you're worried about Polymorph you can use

    So far you're team would be this

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    Common Doomcaliber knight is an anwser to Prismatic Spray. Silver bullet for the greatest bane that shut downs this deck heavily. Being able to deal with that is far more important than having a way to shutdown distraction or transfer power.

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    Just catching up with this thread - it looks like an interesting Firestorm-bolt deck has been morphed into a Nationals/Worlds deck?

    Reminds me of that LRR bit about Tarmogoyf if anyone has seen it...

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    So time goes by, and so does my team, it needs to evolve.

    Despite Morphing Jar performing really well I had to swap him for Psylocke to have more direct hard removal, as Jade Giant and Jocasta hurt me a lot. Also added up Human Paladin to lower direct damage teams impact on my life total, and he stops opponents from using globals on me. I've axed Slifer and moved ping to BAC so I've had to axe Resurrection as well. Finally I've dropped Phoenix pull effect in favor of running Jinzo, as he makes opponent pay for using both his own, and mine globals. Rest is a s usual Hulk sweep, and working as a win condition with FIL, and heavy control suite to keep the game in my favor until I can close it. Doomcaliber Knight is also there as a silver bullet both against using my own poly against me and to stop the bane of my team Prismatic Spray from ruining my games. Now I would really love to include Jocasta as well, but 1) Don't have a place for her 2) Don't really have any means to abuse her. I'm also starting to think about using Jade Giant as Jocasta redirect is hitting really heavily from Green Goliath, but that's what I'm trying to combat with more hard removal, and Human Paladin Global.

    I've tried using Wasp, but her global is to energy intensive to be able to both sweep and keep ramp up at the same time, so the idea of having her both as a ping global/baby jinzo and getting an extra slot had to be scrapped. Maybe If I were to change ramp into non global based that could work a bit better, but non global based ramp needs setup, making 3rd round hulk polymoprh next to impossible, and kobold ramp in a team that brings it's own ping is not a bright idea.

    So what do you think, and what changes could be proposed ? (still don't own BEWD, he proves impossible to pull out as 150 boosters is not enough, and nobody want's to trade him/I would need to donate a kidney to afford him)

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