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Thread: Article: If I Would Have Gone To Worlds: Fireball

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    This is the "similar to burn" team I referenced. It's one of the most fun decks I've ever played. Games are routinely over in 6 or 7 minutes. I'm not sure we tested a mirror match, did we?

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    It's a fun team and could be quite competitive when Jocasta happens.

    It's biggest weakness is that if you lose a fair amount of life early, you can't do what you want to do because you can't "spend" life the way you want to.

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    I expect the AoU Captain America is going to be pretty popular once the set is legal so you may want to consider a way to get him off the field if you don't have the necessary bolts/double bursts available.

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    Nice article and team. I played against two teams very similar to this in Worlds Qualifiers. As you say, teams like this can do a lot of damage very quickly. My concern is that the chances of that actually occurring are fairly low. In my experience, this team is vulnerable to Jinzo (action and global heavy) and/or Spray (kills the ramp you need to be rolling all this stuff every turn). Jinzo in particular. While you can KO him, he will just get rerolled the next turn with a 75% of being fielded again. To that end I agree with Dean's comment above: I'd look for a more solid form of removal to more consistently and thoroughly remove your problems. Puzzle comes to mind. Good luck!

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    Yeah, it needs some protection; Randy's posted the team largely unchanged from what it was before worlds. There are some lessons that, for me at least, would tweak the way it looks.

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    It is fuzzy, though I would argue that it's just from one source.

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    In the same way that the human torch's global Increases the amount of damage dealt by paying a bolt, when you use fireball, all effects of that action die resolves as one ability.

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