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Thread: CU Later Bolts (my economy bolts team)

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    CU Later Bolts (my economy bolts team)

    Continuing my discovery of the YuGiOh set:

    The plan for this team is simple. Get everyone off the bench, and into the field! Tornado spins up for some minor ramp, while Cheetah and Hawkman ping away. REBD hits the field to make things cheaper to buy, while Torch and Not-Pyro deal damage everything someone goes into the field.

    It is almost an all Common team... almost.

    Sorry I've been posting so many team ideas, by the way. These new cards make my older cards seem like newer cards (but not newer than the new cards or the new new cards that haven't even released yet).

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    I think this is a solid team. I kinda think 2 cool for words might be better than the Red Dragon. But I like Red-Dragon myself, but might help with buying when you have only one bolt. He is also an uncommon so stays in you economy buying.

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    I could see subbing Too Cool in for McRook. Then, well, I can do the spinaroonie and keep sidekicks cycling to get more bang for my Tornader buck.

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