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Thread: Question regarding Targeting Dice in the Used

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    Question regarding Targeting Dice in the Used

    Do abilities like the dice action ability of resurrection or rally considered targeting even though its trying to get something from the used?

    I remember there was a ruling that there is no such thing as targeting in the used pile, but I couldn't seem to find this ruling so I'm wondering if I may have been mistaken about this lol.

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    I think this may be what you're referring to:

    Let say I want to use monster reborn and ring of magnetism is equiped on to a kuribo would i be able to use it while kuribo is acitve to reborn a monster on my used pile or would i have reborn a kuribo for my opponets side? And if not active would i only be able to reborn a kuribo if it is in the use pile or can reborn my own monsters?
    Monster Reborn doesn't target a monster, Action Attraction doesn't apply.

    You also don't specify whose Kuriboh the Ring of Magnetism is attached to, but I'm going to assume it belongs to your opponent from the way you've worded things.

    You can only use Monster Reborn on monsters in your own Used Pile.
    Monster Reborn is worded fairly similarly to Resurrection, so I imagine it would also not be considered targeting.

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