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Thread: Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten

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    Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten

    Hey everyone! I just finished playing in a Marvel constructed tournament, and while I finished first, I ran into an opponent who seemed to be using a pretty aggressive team built around Black Widow: Tsarina and Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten.

    His concept was actually pretty good. He basically ramps hard with PXG, and buys at most two Tsarina die and a Wolverine die then attacks with either of them, throwing in a Relentless to hit his opponent for between 9 and 12 each turn. It's a pretty ruthless team unless he botches his rolls early on, which was the case in my game. He did manage to hit me early on with a few Widows, but I managed to clock him for exactly 20 somewhere around turn 5.

    In any case, it got me thinking about ways to try to shut down that combo. Obviously, Tsarina has a few counters, but Wolverine's a bit harder, unless you throw in something like Mr. Fantastic or Phoenix that would force someone else to attack with Wolverine. I keep a Loki: Gem Keeper on my team, but I'm wondering if there are any other counters within the Marvel IP to shut it down.

    Has anyone seen this combo before? How did you deal with it?

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    This combi won US national, and Dave Walsh brought it to worlds and got second place with it.

    Not saying it is old news, just that it is among one of the strongest tested aggression teams out there.

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    They are not all part of the Marvel IP but you can try and protect yourself with cards such as:

    Just to name a few. You can protect yourself from globals like relentless which enable weapon ten, or you can try and deal with wolverine directly. I've even seen people using things like:

    These cards can force other characters they have to attack, negating his +4/+4 boost. Not the most effective way of dealing with him, but it's certainly a generic option that can deal with other threats.

    If you can turbo quickly enough, then jade giant does a good job as well.

    Spend a bolt and damage hulk to knock out an opposing wolverine. Not a bad trade at all.

    Hope some of these help, I recommend using databases like these to search for other options and experiment further, depending on what cards you own.

    If it has to be marvel, then it gets tricky. Weapon ten is a threat that only teamwork and collaboration through a variety of sets can deal with effectively and consistently.

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    If you are staying Marvel only, then Distraction. Distraction is the friend of Tsarina, so you might think about Johnny Storm for direct damage and character removal. Venom's global could help spin them down to make them easier to knock out and doesn't hurt JS. Just a thought.

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    Character removal doesn't work when the character doesn't stay on the field, though. You'd have to pair it with Distraction, then try to knock it out the next turn. Mr. Fantastic and Phoenix could work, it's something I had thought about. Obviously, Gem Keeper is going to do quite a bit of work keeping it from being fielded, but that's pretty much the only option I'd really considered, other than maybe Toad.

    Like I said, I didn't have a problem ramping hard and fielding early, but I'm not as certain it would have worked quite as well if he'd rolled better. It's not an unbeatable team in Unlimited, but we were playing Marvel Limited/Constructed, so options from other sets weren't available.

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