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Thread: Article: Dice Masters Local Events Newsletter, Issue 1

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    If the event isn't in the Wizkids event forum it won't be on this list (which I can see is not the case) but also if the event was created after this. If you can confirm that that was not the case for an event, let us know so that we can see what our scrapper is missing.

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    In WES but missing from this:
    6/16 Lacey, WA @ Gabis Olympic Cards and Comics -- D&D Constructed
    6/20 Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Convention Center -- Evergreen Tabletop Expo Constructed Championship
    6/21 Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Convention Center -- Evergreen Tabletop Expo Rainbow Draft Championship
    @Shadowmeld @Ken @Dave could you guys update the list? Thanks!

    EDIT: Added WES Links.

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    huh, our event is listed in the WES for Thursday at Ground Zero in Tyler, and it's not listed here either.

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    Good, we actually managed to set up our events at Gamebreakers. Excellent

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    Yeah, it looks like we are missing quite a few events. Working on a solution. Keep posting here though so we have metrics for how many we did miss.

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    Will do. It'd be great if you could also add the events we mention to the original post/article. Thanks!

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    add mine to the list of those missing.

    the good news is there are a lot more dice events happening than previously thought

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    I just realized how not far away Markham, ON is from me. Anybody wanna to to the rainbow draft with me? :P

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    Most of the places I play at don't end up putting their events in the WES system.

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    @DavidH @Indy Mon @chalos13 @ONEon78

    Thank you all for the bug reports. I think I know what happened. In this first run of the system, we made spider that grabbed all of the events from the WizKids Events System that are tagged as Dice Masters events according to their search form. While I haven't checked all of the reports, I checked a few and it appears whoever put them in WES didn't list them as Dice Masters events, at least not in the way that the WES search form can use.

    Here's an example. Indy Mon's post lists two missing events in Tacoma, WA. Go to the WES Event Search page ( Type in Tacoma, WA for the city and in the drop down below where it says "All Events" change that to "Dice Masters." Leave the rest of the settings at the defaults. Then hit search. You'll see exactly 1 event, which is the same one as listed in our list up above.

    Now go back and change it from "Dice Masters" events back to "All Events" and search for Tacoma, WA events. You'll see 21 events returned. Now not all of these are Dice Masters events. Some are Heroclix or Attack Wing, but at appears 6 are Dice Masters events!

    So that's good news and bad news. The bad news is that we will have to do some retooling so we can start grabbing those events. The good (GREAT!) news is that there are even more Dice Masters events happening than listed above, possibly a lot more! GIve us a day or two to try sorting out how to handle this discovery you all have made (thank you again), and when we've got an updated list, I will tag all of you (if you don't mind) to double-check our work. The list above has 107 events happening in the US and Canada in the next two weeks. I can't wait to see how many events we end up after we make the change to find all of the events we're missing.

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    Yeah I should have mentioned this before. I realized a long time ago that searching the WES for just Dice Masters ends up with very under inclusive results. Now I just search for all events and skin the titles. It's particularly interesting because I have used the WES template to create storyline OP events and they ended up being registered as Heroclix events. It's wonky, but there are ways around it

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    Also not in the list, likely for the reasons Ken detailed above. I spoke to our TO about not being able to find his events via the Dice Masters dropdown, so the next round of events he lists should hopefully make it easier to see.

    IN Indianapolis Downtown Comics West June 20 Constructed

    IN Indianapolis Downtown Comics West June 27 Constructed

    edit: also, thanks for doing this! We had a 2 person turnout to our last event, so getting these events listed in front of eyeballs that might not normally see them is much appreciated.

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    Missed a couple in Missouri and Kansas:

    Limited Figures, Kansas City MO June 23rd

    TableTop game and Hobby in Overland Park Kansas, June 21st

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    We've posted an updated version of the above list right here. It now has about 3 times as many events as listed above.

    Please let us know if we missed anything!

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