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Thread: Blocking with Hulk: Green Goliath

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    Blocking with Hulk: Green Goliath

    If my opponent attacks with three sidekicks and I choose to block only one with Hulk: Green Goliath, what is the end result?

    When Hulk takes damage would he KO the three attacking sidekicks from his card ability? Does this occur before the sidekicks deal me damage from being unblocked? Or does Hulk take damage wiping out the attackers?

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    All combat damage is resolved simultaneously so the correct result should be:

    Both unblocked sidekicks deal you their attack values in damage and go to the used pile
    Hulk blocks the one sidekick and knocks it out
    Hulk has now taken damage and his ability triggers, doing 2-3 damage to each remaining opposing character.

    Also, ayyyyyyyyyyyy.

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    Pretty much this. Since damage is simultaneous, Hulk wouldn't trigger until all three SKs have done their business.

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    Thanks for clarifying.

    One further question. Understanding that the damage occurs simultaneously, would this activate Hulk twice? It appears that I would take damage, then Hulk would take damage separately.

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    The reason that ruling is different is because Black widow does damage to the player, before combat. Thus, she accelerated the when portion of Hulk.

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