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Thread: Vassal Online DC Draft (Short Notice!)

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    Vassal Online DC Draft (Short Notice!)

    Shadowmeld, AlannaBrave and I would like to do a DC draft at around 8:15ET. Would anyone be in?

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    Sorry, had to leave early last night. Simage and I will have to continue our game some other time.

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    No worries. We only got to play two games ourselves so you didn't miss too much. Six-person tournaments are hard to complete.

    I think for future weekday tournaments we will play the first three matches, and then the three winners (plus one alternate who had the closest score) go into a 4-person tournament. That way the max is three games, and the games won't go too late.

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    A question here, i would like to participate on a Draft, but how does it work on Vassal,or will it explained when such an Event is running?

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    You need to Download the Dice Masters Draft Module. It is a separate module we use to build a rainbow and draft cards. From there, it works surprisingly just like a regular draft, but yes, we will teach you as we go.

    speaking of which, I'm going to see about getting one organised this weekend. Who is available for Friday evening?

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    Here i want to participate!!!! , which time is when you generally start? Because i must look how much time difference it is.

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    I *might* be depending on if my wife has anything else planned.

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    I will be looking at doing a draft around 8pm EST Friday evening.

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    ok thats 2 AM at my place, should be possible.

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    How long are you thinking it will take?

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    Id be down for a draft on Friday! Would we be doing DC, AoU, BFF?

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    I'd assume AoU, but it would probably be discussed by the players what they'd prefer.

    I, unfortunately, won't be able to make it. My lovely wife wants to go out on a date, and who am I to refuse?

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    Will we do today a draft ?

    If yes, i have the Draft 1.5Version and waiting in the Main Room

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    I am Opening the draft module as we speak. Looking to start around 8PM.

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    do i have to rejoin the vassal server?

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    If your name is Tom, I see you just fine. we will need Marvel Dice Masters 3.0.1 and Dice Masters Draft 1.5 for tonight.

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    O gosh ,i fear the one step, i have so far didnt understand, the saving a team... x.x because i dont understand the order to do what even with the Tutorial video.

    But yes thats me

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    Quote Originally Posted by systemskill View Post
    Id be down for a draft on Friday! Would we be doing DC, AoU, BFF?
    I'm willing to draft anything, we can take a vote when everyone gets there. Personally i'd like AoU, but again, I'm up for anything.

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    So when will be a draft? yes i am the crowd of people who can't wait x.x

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