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Thread: TRP Rules - Revised 4-7-2016

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    TRP Rules - Revised 4-7-2016

    This is a private message board, and so we ask a few things from our members. It is possible that sub forums have additional rules, so please ensure to respect those if and when they are present.

    We want to provide a safe, fun, and productive environment to share our love of Dice Masters. These rules are intended to help us maintain that sort of friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to promote this game and encourage others to become a part of this community. In general, behavior that hurts that mission will result in action on part of the mods.

    1) Be Nice.
    While the internet allows for a degree of anonymity, please do not take advantage of that. A certain amount of dignity should be maintained. Do not say something that you would not sign your real name to or would not say face to face. No abusive or obscene language. Let's disagree and still be able to look each other in the eye and shake hands rather than burn a bridge.

    The same thing goes for trolling, baiting, inflammatory content, and other such things.

    2) No advertising or spam.
    We don't allow any sort of spam or advertisements in the forums.

    Please keep posts on-topic and in the appropriate thread/forum. Private conversations can be carried out via e-mail or Private Messages via this forum. Derailing threads will not be accepted. Additionally, don't belabor arguments to the point of annoyance; the same post doesn't need to be in five different threads.

    3) One ID per person.
    This forum requires registration and also provides administrators with IP addresses. Please limit to one avatar per person. If you know that someone is trying to circumvent a ban or astroturf for themselves, please let the staff know so that we can deal with it accordingly.

    4) No excessive negativity.
    We are open to all sorts of discussion at TRP, but this is not your place to vent about people or game companies. Don't be bothersome and detract from the overall tone of the message board. This is not to suggest that all posts need to be positive in nature. However, this board is not for baseless finger pointing nor is it a place for inflammatory content.

    Members who ignore this will be asked to leave. Read this post for further information.

    5) No NSFW Content
    This includes text and graphical content, and others not listed here. We have a wide age range playing this game, and so our discussion environment needs to support that entire age range. If you have to think about it for even an instant, don't post it.

    6) Reporting
    We can't be everywhere at all times. If you see something in violation of these rules, please inform the administrators by using the "report" button on the bottom of each post.

    7) No public commentary about staff decisions
    If you have a concern or issue, please take it up with us privately. We will listen. Putting it on the forums is not conducive to a positive atmosphere or good discussion.

    8) Do not call out someone that you think is cheating or otherwise being dishonest. This is not a place for public shaming and there is precious little that any of us can do about it. If it's on the WizKids Info Network (Formerly the Event System) then report it to WizKids. If it's at a store, talk to your TO or store owner. TRP is not the place for it and we will take swift action to ban anyone who does this. The community isn't a place for a trial, and we're not the judge, jury, and firing squad.


    Finally, we want to maintain a constructive and fun atmosphere for talking about the game. We favor fun and intelligent conversation about Dice Masters!

    Violations will result in limited privileges, temporary bans, and permanent bans, depending on the severity of the violation and whether the offender is a repeat violator. All consequences of violations are at the discretion of the moderators. Barring an urgent situation or spam, any bans are not solely decided but rather discussed first among the group of moderators/administrators.

    Remember that posting on this private discussion board is a privilege.

    The rules are subject to change and expansion as situations warrant.

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