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Thread: Eat MY Spinach (Let's try this again)

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    Eat MY Spinach (Let's try this again)

    I posted a team a few weeks ago that was based on spinning my opponent's dice (for fun and profit). That team did not work. However, it had a good name. So, based on my team name only, I'm giving this "theme" a different shot with a card that I don't see used all that often.

    So, the plan for this team is focus on making sure that your characters are spun to level 2 or 3, then allow Colossus to deal damage to your opponent at the end of your turn.

    Card-by-card blow-by-blow:
    Kobold - Swarm ramp, and small character later game to charge up Piotr
    Black Widow - I don't usually like using SRs, but a concession is made here. Plus, it may make your opponent spin, so it fits
    Sabretooth - Spins himself each turn, will make sure we have some level 2 or 3 characters for Piotr
    La Jinn - Spins himself when characters are fielded. 5 out of 8 of these are
    Marvel Girl - A fantastic attack deterrent, can cause a 4 points swing per die
    Shazam! - I want him to be useful, and he'll help ensure that Colossus has some meat to work with
    BEWD - My favorite global right now
    Colossus - The main piece of the win condition

    The way I would play this team is to start ramping early with Kobold (obviously) and then walling up. Make tiny attacks with Black Widow when the chances present themselves. Use BEWD to get Colossus in the field as early as possible. Field and then start fielding other characters to do 2 damage every turn for each level 2 or 3 character in my field.

    So, what does everyone think? Is it better than my last team based on Popeye's favorite snack? Or, is it equally useless? I appreciate any thoughts on this silly group of heroes, genies, and dragons.

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    You don't need Focus lower with the team you have assembled. Perhaps a regularly used global with a global? Maybe distraction, since you are planning to win with direct damage, or even just redirection so you can prep a few things.

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    replace shazam with some sort of disruption...( think about what cards will run your plans, and/or some way to stall a really aggressive team)

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    I realize there a few... superfluous cards on my team. I think dumping Focus Power for Distraction is probably a great idea, since spinning shouldn't be a problem.

    I really wanted to keep Shazam since he is so useless in virtually every other situation. But, I think you are right Sarkhsy. I'll search for a fancy global that can help stall some attack strategies... or can do some removal.
    I can slide Grundy in there since ol' BEWD is already on the team.
    Thanks you two!

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    Here's the new setup:

    I swapped out Shazam! for Solomon Grundy - Buried on a Sunday to remove some pesky jerks if needed. I swapped both BACs for Distraction (and that sweet sweet global) and Stinking Cloud. I figure, since Stinking Cloud really only affects level 1 characters, it shouldn't be that deadly if used against me. Maybe I can pick it up and catch someone napping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post

    :julop5: link
    I kept seeing her as I was putting this team together. I kept wanting to add her to this team, but she is not yet in my possession. As soon as OP 3 (if that is the right one) happens and I get her, then she will totes be tagging in for either Sabretooth or the Jinn.

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    This is the team I built when you had the idea for team black. I fixed it up a bit because I liked the idea.

    If not, just replace Storm with

    I put storm because of the Polymorph. Helps build up your forces.

    But if you're going for your characters spinning up and waiting people out and killing them. I would go with this team. That way you aren't struggling. Your deck has a lot of high purchases. Swarm can only get you so far without Resurrection.

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