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Thread: Hybrid Sealed/Constructed Tournament Report on 06/13/2015

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    Hybrid Sealed/Constructed Tournament Report on 06/13/2015

    So Saturday, June 13, 2015 my local game store hosted a Dice Masters Tournament. This was set up as a hybrid sealed and constructed DC Justice League tournament. Meaning each player was allowed to bring any two basic action cards and any four DC Justice League cards with up to 10 corresponding dice, and would be provided with 10 boosters of DC Justice League to open and then create a maximum eight cards/20 dice team out of both what you brought and opened. Each match would be a single game.

    So I brought

    My dice counts were Cheetah x3, Hawkman x3, Firestorm x2, Red Tornado x2. After opening my sealed portion I added the following to the team

    My dice counts changed to Cheetah x3, Hawkman x4, Firestorm x2, Red Tornado x3, Catwoman x2, Black Manta x1, The Joker x3, Green Arrow x1.

    Round 1

    I played against Trevor. He just started out playing a few weeks ago, really nice guy. Trevor's team (that I can remember) consisted of

    I started the game with enough to purchase Red Tornado first turn. After that I was able to get out a double dose of Hawkman (as opposed to Cheetah, as he was running Blue Beetle), quickly followed up with Firestorm. Between my basic actions and Red Tornado I was able to quickly cycle through my dice bag and a turn or two later it was all over.

    Result: Win, 1-0

    Round 2

    I played against a friend of mine, Mike. Mike has been playing since the game started. Mike's team had (that I can remember)

    He quickly got out a pair of Zatannas and walled up with them and the Batman. He would gladly block and get Zatanna KO'ed all day long and the synergy between Batman the global on the Lantern Power Ring is quite impressive. Luckily for me I had Red Tornado, Firestorm, Hawkman, Green Arrow, and The Joker (who promptly named Zatanna). Unluckily for me he rolled a double burst on his Lantern Power Ring and had enough energy to make everyone in my field a villain. I took five damage, my team got wiped, but not before he used the Transfer Power global to swap attack value with his sidekick and my level two Green Arrow. He then crashed into the attack zone with exactly enough to KO me.

    Result: Lose, 1-1

    Round 3

    I played against Ron. Another shop regular, who's been playing since the beginning. Ron was (again that I can recall) sporting

    He used Relentless's global very aggressively and had me down to two life before Firestorm and a pair of Cheetahs were able to finish him off.

    Result: Win, 2-1

    Final placement 3rd

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    Solid looking team. Has the bolt archetype been something that people have caught on to at your store or have you seen people try to target it?

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    Red Tornado goes pretty quickly in drafts, otherwise not many try to go all in on bolts.

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