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Thread: AvX Restock?

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    AvX Restock?

    Have you guys heard anywhere that AvX is getting another restock?

    I doubt it, but the place I ordered the AvX gravity feeds from yesterday now shows 8 more available, albeit at a slightly higher price, but still below MSRP. I guessed that maybe they were just holding those back explicitly to ladder how much they charge, but then I saw something else this morning at another site: AvX STARTERS, no specific quantity limit listed, priced at non-inflated prices ($12.99), a first since I discovered DM (only a few months ago).

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    I talked with the inventory guy and he said that his distributor claims they will get those AvX starters to him within 5 days, so it sounds like a restock, unless the information he received was incorrect.

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    FWIW, I just got an email from the people who are selling the AxV gravity feeds saying that THOSE are a restock too.

    That's two companies saying they are now able to get more AvX product from their distributors. I don't know if it is only small quantities available from them, but barring it just being some missing palets that have been found, it's starting to sound like Wizkids may have done another AxV reprint. You heard it here first...

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    I have heard conversations that a reprint is a thing. Wish the reprint run would be a 90 ct feed.

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    I've heard rumors of an AvX reprint for as long as I've been into DM. Here's hoping they're true this time! All I know is I've just been shipped AvX gravities and starters from different retailers both of which are saying they just acquired them from a distributor--they weren't existing stock, and that their distributor was previously sold out of them. That sounds more promising than any previous rumor. Going contrary to the reprint theory is that those are the only two retailers I've seen with new stock, so the "whoops--there's that missing pallet" at the distributor theory is also viable.

    I prefer the 90ct too, but the biggest improvement of the 90ct for me is that you get either 1 or 2 SRs in a gravity, rather than 0 or 1. If they switched the SR rarity to be exactly 1 SR per 60 ct, I'd be happy enough. For people buying booster-by-booster at retail, the 90ct the smarter package though (from the perspective of Wizkids wanting to sell product). If someone knows that there is only 1 SR per gravity and they're in a store and see someone else opens a SR from a gravity, it's a slight bummer to know that there is zero chance of also being able to get a SR from the same gravity, thus a purchase may be delayed.

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    The 60-count feed is probably the worst thing about AvX. But then again...that's just the way it is sometimes, so I can't really be mad about it.

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    My local games stores all have AvX. I am surrounded by the stuff, but I am 100% uninterested. I have 1 full set with super rares, and a back up full set without super rares.

    There has to have been some kind of restock recently. Now I just with that they would get sold out again, because that would mean more players

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    The regional distribution is so interesting to me. Our community here in Wyoming is really new, so when our store got a case of AvX in we bought them all out practically instantly. I think she pieced out the last full feed and it lasted about 1 day.

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    Sounds like we're nearing the end of the West Coast docks/union worker dispute...again. Hopefully restocks will be making their way inland soon.

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    A new AvX starter made its way to me, and I'm splitting an AvX booster tower with my brother, who finally got into the game, to fill out some weaknesses on my side and get him some more cards.

    Of course, he went in on the cheap UXM tower on CSI the other week.

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