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Thread: Yu-Gi-Oh Drop rates

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    Yu-Gi-Oh Drop rates

    We all remember AvX drop rates. A case had 6 60 count feeds. 4 of them had a super rare in it, and 2 were "blanks".

    Then UXM came along, with cases containing 2 90 count feeds. 1 of them had a super rare, the other would have 2 super rares, and Rare distribution was fairly even, without a lot of duplicates.

    Now YGO has come out, and I also bought a case, but am unsure of how I did.

    First, I cannot guarantee that my 2 feeds did actually come from the same case. My results were that each 90 count feed had only 1 super rare. This made me feel that they were not from the same case. BUT, my rares distribution was great. I got all the rares, except 1. This leads me to believe that they did come from the same case.

    So, how about everyone out there. How many supers have you got from your feeds? Has anyone got 2 from the same one?

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    I opened two YGO gravities, purchased at the same time (in hopes that they came from the same case). There was 1 SR per gravity, and I'm missing 8 rares. On Dave's YGO gravity opening video it appears that he got 2 SRs from one gravity, so apparently the 2 SR gravities are out there. (I just can't seem to find them yet! )

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    I bought about 30 boosters out of one single feed before anyone else got to it. I managed 2 SRs and 6 rares. Now, that's not a really good total picture of one full feed, but as a small sample it feels very similar yo UXM, which I've gone through about two GFs total (one full and then another 80 - 100 packs through drafting and picemealing.

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    I probably got a similar distribution as the UXM feeds. It seems to be pretty consistent.

    My favorite thing, as an aside, is that while the starters have fewer cards, it was far easier to get a full set of those dice in this iteration of DM.

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    Just wanting to check out some of the cards, my son grabbed 5 boosters and pulled a Super-Rare Thousand Dragon! What luck! Needless to say he asked for a starter afterwards.

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    Very nice. I think Thousand Dragon is good all around but I really like the draw acceleration of his uncommon.

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