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Thread: Hulk - Jade Giant

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    Hulk - Jade Giant

    ok this card states While Hulk is active, when either you or Hulk takes damage, knock out one of your opponent's Level 1 characters. * Instead knock out one opposing character of any level.

    So I have a few scenarios where I'm not sure how to use it

    1. So say I'm attacked by one character and I block with a burst Hulk. Can I use the burst to knock out that Attacking character.

    2. I'm attacked by 2 characters and I block with Captain America and burst Hulk. Can I say Hulk took damage first and I knock out the character that is Attacking Captain America?

    3. I'm attacked by 2 characters and I block with burst Hulk so one character gets through to me BUT can I use Hulk to knock him out before he reaches me?

    The way we've been playing it so far is Hulk can use his power to knock out characters still back in the Field, not the Attacking characters because the Attack is happening simultaneously, and yes to the character that gets through to me because that feels like a next stage after Attack. I'm sure its not right.

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    All combat damage is assigned and resolved simultaneously, so in all cases, all the damage is assigned and resolved, then hulk triggers.

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    that includes damage to me too? so basically it'll only be used against characters in the field that did not attack or survived the attack?

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