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Thread: Triggering Card Text Abilities: What Are Your Favorite and Why?

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    Triggering Card Text Abilities: What Are Your Favorite and Why?

    To clarify, I'm talking about those card text abilities that have a modifier such as, "When fielded" or "While active" or "When attacking" or what have you. Which ones do you gravitate more towards? Which ones do you avoid? Why?

    For me, my favorite trigger is "when fielded" because I feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck in terms of fielding cost. If I have to drop an energy or 2 (or even 3), I want to get something else for my money, not just good stats. I like the thematic nature of a character springing into battle and doing some effective right away.

    The thing I like the least are "when KO'd" effects overall (baring Nasty Boy, whom I love) because often I feel like I have the least control over who is getting KO'd unless part of my plan is to self inflict KOs.

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    I must agree with "when fielded," but we don't have many cards that make you think twice with their "when fielded" stuff. Like, if Wind Rider had a higher TFC, you wouldn't necessarily be able to cycle her as easy. I want a few more cards that give me a tough choice. I like tough choices in games.

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    I'd actually like to see more "While blocking" effects because I love shifting my characters around and controlling matchups. Of course that'll only encourage people building walls, so I guess there's a reason we don't have a whole lot. That being said, I love "While Attacking" because I enjoy putting the pressure on my opponents and forcing them to decide which characters are more important to their strategy. Naturally this strategy revolves around Punisher McRook and Deadpool Assassin.

    KO 1, Deadpool occupies a 2nd...let the games begin.

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    My favorite team revolves around Green Goliath, so "when damaged" is fun. But seeing how he's the only character like that... I gotta go with "when blocked". Similar to "when damaged", but it put all the pressure on the opponent, forcing them to choose between two bad options. Pyro, SJA is a prime example.

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