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Thread: Will We See More 'Actions' Being Used with YGO & DADDM?

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    Will We See More 'Actions' Being Used with YGO & DADDM?

    YGO has more than one pretty solid action card - nothing meta shaking but certainly useful stuff. We've already seen some good BACs and a couple of neat spells from DADDM. Do you think actions have a chance at getting bigger pieces of center stage in these new set releases?

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    Yes with DADDM. Possibly with YGO. There are cards that manipulate the cost. I think that non-basics start to get interesting with YGO, given some of the removal and board wipers.

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    So I mean the answer to this HAS to be "yes" at this point, right? At the very least they're more of a threat than they've been, right?

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    I agree with Dave that yes, actions are a little more prevalent nowadays, especially with the release of D&D and the different effects that impact action dice, like the Red Dragon global (been having a lot of fun with that). Not sure how big they'll be at big constructed tournaments like Nationals just yet (aside from the typically BACs and maybe Ring of Magnetism with Lord of D), but in casual play and limited formats like D&D only, actions are definitely seeing a lot more play, at least from me.

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    I'm not to sure about the national level, but on a local level my team took second on a league tournament and 3 of the slots on my team are action cards. And i was taking on some of the meta types teams like spider bomb and jinzo/hulk and nova bolt. So actions are definitely picking up with the dnd set n I can only imagine someone in nationals right now has also figured a good combination to use n show how effective they r.

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